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Thursday, 21 February 2019

In the Houghton Players, Clayton Thomas was the only member in the entire Saturday field to play better than their handicap when his 38 Individual Stableford points were more than enough to claim the honours in the 2nd qualifying leg of The Race to Pecanwood. Club Champ Brett Berman, Mike Wainbergas, Bart Ogonowski and Gerald Kay were all T2nd on 36pts, with Mike claiming 2nd place on the count out.

You can click on these two images for Saturday’s results and the updated Race to Pecanwood list.


At the PGA Tour’s Players, 2012 US Open winner Webb Simpson kept the rest of the field at bay after his unbelievable 63 in Friday’s 2nd round gave him some decent breathing room for the weekend, and he was just too clinical and didn’t allow anyone any chance to close the gap. His game suffered after the anchoring ban nearly 2 years ago, but he seems to be getting things back into place again now.

Tiger had an unbelievable weekend after just barely making the cut, but it was his ball-striking, especially his driving, which left so many people enjoying the fact that the great man really seems to be finding his best form. It seems to me that he’s more in control of his swing now, and the fast and furious swings of recent look far sweeter and smoother. A few late-round glitches are still a slight area for concern, but he’s definitely trending upwards.

And Justin Thomas ended Dustin Johnson’s 64 week reign at the top of the World Rankings, reflecting his status as the most consistent performer on the world’s stage currently. The points are still close, so it’s not out of the question for DJ to grab his crown back again soon, plus with Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm quite close, there are lots of permutations possible. Ozzie Jason Day also appears to be getting back to his form of old, so another great player who can really dominate will add even more to the rollercoaster ride at the top of the rankings, a situation that can only be healthy for the game, but even better for us armchair viewers at home.

We had another successful E4A golf day at the club 2 weeks ago, with meaningful contributions by those members and visitors who took part going towards this special needs Centre up the road from us in Braamfontein.

Apart from the golf, the prizes, the cause, the camaraderie and the Ernie Els Wines that all the players enjoyed, there were a few auction items that I must speak about.

There is no cheaper way to buy golf equipment or weekend getaways/holidays than at a charity golf day such as this!

The E4A organisers have quite a few series sponsors who donate very decent packages for auction at each of their days, such as a complete set of fitted TaylorMade M3 or M4 golf clubs, and a complete set of fitted XXIO clubs (Ernie’s new club sponsor). And that’s not all. There were also weekends away for 2 couples at some of the best hotels, with extras such as meals and Springbok rugby tickets included.

And the prices that these items were auctioned for were just ridiculous.

The clubs went at prices that were around the wholesale numbers, and the weekends went even cheaper, with some stays adding up to well over R20k, but being bought for around R8k!!

So, think again next time you get invited to a charity golf day, especially one so well supported by big series sponsors such as those who’ve got involved with Ernie’s wonderful cause.

And in case you’re interested, here’s the rest of the series.

• Next Saturday the 26th May is the 1st round of the Men’s Jeff Goldberg Trophy, one of the club’s ‘named’ Majors. It’s Individual Stableford over 2 rounds, with the 2nd and final round being on Sat 2nd June.

• Then also on Saturday the 2nd of June is the 1st round of the Ladies Sid Brews Trophy, with the 2nd and final round on the following Sat, the 9th of June.

Please click on the images for the complete updated lists.


I wrote last week - actually copied and pasted - some wonderful tips and quotes from social media about parenting young junior golfers, and how parents should be very careful as to what and how they say to their budding golfers, and I’d like to add some more about that.

Imagine if you – an adult with a fairly advanced and complex thinking mechanism - came to me for a lesson and I gave you the following things to think about:-

1. Stand upright.
2. Bend your knees.
3. Relax your arms.
4. Stick your bum out***
5. Don’t grip it so tight.
6. Take the club back slowly.
7. Fold the right elbow as the club gets horizontal with the ground.
8. Set the wrists.
9. Turn the shoulders***
10. Keep the right knee flexed.
11. Make sure your weight has shifted slightly onto your right side at the top.
12. …..etc, etc, etc.

And that’s just the backswing; we haven’t even started the forward swing yet, the proper business end of the golf swing.

With all those thoughts bouncing around, you wouldn’t be able to take the club away, let alone hit the ball!

But we’re talking about kids now, somewhere roughly between 4 and 12 years old, with a thinking system not nearly fully developed enough to handle all of the above, let alone only some of it. And with a psyche development geared a lot more towards simpler stuff.

So, lay off all the commands!

Have a great week.



Srixon have developed and evolved a proprietary SpinSkin technology.
The cover of the golf ball has a skin that literally allows the grooves of your club face to grip the ball.
That creates additional friction and MORE SPIN.


Those looking for tour
with leading spin rates?
Tour performance for
moderate swing speeds.
The most spin for your money? 
A 2-pce ball with SpinSkin has
distance AND great greenside performance.

If you haven’t played a Srixon golf ball with SpinSkin technology, then give it a try.
Practice around the greenside. Feel the ball remain on the face for longer.
Notice how much extra spin you can create.

We’re two weeks in to some simple advice on how to improve your
scorecard using the Par 3 holes. They’re an opportunity for everyone.
Removing risk helps.

Simple Tip #3
Where’s the easiest and safest target? Before you even look for the flag,
find the point on the green that gives you the largest room for error.

In this example, even going over the back of the target area marked will leave
you a chip and putt for a 3, so you’re looking at a 4 at worst. Go at the flag and the
consequences of a miss could be much greater. Even if you fly the flag and land in the bunker,
you’re then faced with a bunker shot back towards water. Going at the flag is a 2 or bust!

You’ll be faced with a course management challenge on all approach shots,
not just Par 3’s. Try playing a round where you take a ‘safety first’ approach to every shot.
Check out your score. Is it an improvement if you play within yourself?
Course management is an important part of your game; if you’d be interested
in an accompanied round to help with your course management,

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