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Monday, September 21, 2020

Fore...Ever thought where it came from?

"Fore!", originally an Australian interjection, is used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball. The mention of the term in an 1881 Australian Golf Museum indicates that the term was in use at least as early as that period.

It is believed to come from the military "beware before", which an artilleryman about to fire would yell alerting nearby infantrymen to drop to the ground to avoid the shells overhead. (Before may mean "in front of (the gun being fired)"; fore may mean "(look) ahead".)

Other possible origins include the term being derived from the term "fore-caddie", a caddie waiting down range from the golfer to find where the ball lands. These caddies were often warned about oncoming golf balls by a shout of the term "fore-caddie" which was eventually shortened to just "fore!"

Our first attempt of the Generation Challenge was rained out in September, but the second try was a great success! A brainchild of our General Manager, Chris, to unite the different generations in the club. I must say there was a little argument on the 1st tee in my 4-ball regarding the generation groups as Discovery feels that I am slightly older than my normal age of 24...Ok, I’ll share they think I’m 54 and now you all know the reasoning behind by weight loss and training programme. Back to the competition, each four played an alliance as a team as well as an individual stableford competition. The Individual Stableford score was add together to determine the winning generation. In the end it was a rather close competition between the Baby Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y. Three points was enough for Generation Y to be crowned the champions for 2018! We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back in 2019... What a great way to unite all the generations in the club.

Four Generations in a Fourball – what a great day!

The young guns winning! #GenerationY
Wow – what a year for Oliver!
Long-time Order of Merit leader Oliver Bekker was honoured with a number of prizes. The 33-year-old surrendered his money list advantage after Dylan Frittelli won the AfrAsia Mauritius Bank Open, but did enough to win the respect of golf writers, his fellow players and the Tour’s commissioner Selwyn Nathan.

Oliver earned R1,562,988 this year (fourth on the Order of Merit) and won three times (Zambia Sugar Open; Lombard Insurance Classic; Sun Wild Coast Sun Challenge) and left on Sunday with the Golf Writers Award and the Commissioner’s Award as well as being named as the Player’s Player to cap a successful year.

Sunshine Tour Awards

George Coetzee: Sid Brews Trophy (Sunshine Tour Order of Merit)
Oliver Bekker: Gary Player Trophy (Stroke Average winner)
Neil O’Briain: Bobby Locke Trophy (Rookie of the Year)
Oliver Bekker: Commissioner’s Award
Oliver Bekker: Players’ Player of the Year
Oliver Bekker: Media Player of the Year

Kyle McClatchie: Newcomer of the Year
Gary Player Class Award: Keenan Davidse
Oliver Bekker: Par-fives
Peter Karmis: Par-fours
Louis de Jager: Par-threes

Sunshine Ladies Tour
Stacy Bregman: Order of Merit

What better way to spend your Sunday, than on the golf course in the monthly Sunday Mix Competition. It was the last of the big ones and very well supported as usual, with a new format on the day introducing two competitions. A Betterball Stableford, won by Fred Kieks and his partner Erena Cronje on 45 points and a combined stableford, adding your betterball score with the twoball playing with you, betterball score. Uli and Ulrika Stolte played with Chris van der Merwe and Lente Botha and won the March Mix on a countout with a score of 84.

The next Mix Competition will be played on the 22nd of April and the best part of that Mix, I can't wait for the format...

Leonie with the Betterball winners
Fred and Erena

Leonie with the winners of the March Sunday Mix Competition Uli,
Ulrika, Chris and Lente

Safe travels for everyone going away during the Easter period, may you all have a peaceful time. To the members staying in town, we are looking forward to hosting you all on Wednesday and Saturday.

All the best,

You probably know how hard it is to find the short stuff from the tee box.
It’s fine margins at impact, so there’s an easy way to improve.

The experts continually tell us that without a good setup it’s almost impossible to hit a good golf shot.
They also note how little attention regular golfers pay to their setup. So let’s change that.
You’ve all got your smartphone. Let’s get those pictures taken!


Have a friend take a photo of you at address on the range. Check your alignment.
Check your posture and your tilt. How do your arms hang? Are you reaching or too cramped?


From face-on, check your width of stance; your ball-and-hand position; and your weight distribution.
Is your right shoulder (right-handers) lower than your left or are they level? What should they be?

If you want to hit more consistent golf shots, with cleaner, crisper contact, with the swing path and
face angle ensuring contact square to the target line, then invest some time into your setup.

If you send us the two pictures from the angles shown above, then we’ll gladly respond with some quick thoughts.
If you want us to take the photos and walk you through where you immediately can improve your setup, and therefore the quality of your golf shots, then 

 To ensure delivery, please add to your contacts.

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