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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

When you play golf with clubs that feel good in your hands - what do you think you will experience?

Come find that perfect fit with us this Saturday and see how much better your golf can be.

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One of the trends you’ll have noticed out on a golf course during 2017 is the number of golfers who’ve had a new, thicker grip put on their putter. So, what’s the deal with that?

Many golfers have an inconsistent stroke, struggling to maintain a good path and rhythm because their hands and wrists are too involved in their putting stroke.

A wider grip makes it more difficult for the hands and wrists to take over the stroke, leaving them with a rhythmic pendulum putting motion.

If you’re a golfer who putts on feel with deliberate wrist-action, then don’t make the switch. Improving your putting has a direct and immediate impact on your scorecard. If you’re interested in developing a more rhythmic putting stroke, contact us.

Dr Hocknell introduces you to the Rogue collection of Irons. Improving feel usually “steals” distance. Not anymore.

Callaway, the number 1 Iron brand in golf, have a full range of models to complement the Rogue family.
Innovation committed to improving your experience on the course. So let’s match the right innovation,
with the perfect fitting, to your golf swing. How much performance could we unlock?


One of the biggest differences between Tour Professionals and regular golfers is
the amount of attention the very best continually pay to their setup.

Rickie Fowler, in a instruction piece several years ago, made the point that he continually
worked on his grip, body alignment, stance width, and his posture (including the body bend and tilt)
in practice with his caddie.

To view this short article on Rickie Fowler’s setup,


I think most golfers can embrace Jack Nicklaus’s comment that it’s almost impossible
to hit a good shot with a poor setup. So, the question is, why don’t golfers put more effort into this
relatively simple process? Which, of the several potential reasons we’ve identified, do you think is the
cause of so many poor shots on any given day?


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