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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Spring is here and we are excited for a few new announcements.

Please welcome our new instructor Jeff Hart to the Golf Center. Jeff has played professionally all over the world and brings years of high level PGA tournament experience.

"Through my playing experience I have learned a great deal about how to prepare and play in golf tournaments. I specialize in tournament preparation and in managing your game, in addition to the mechanics of the golf swing. It takes a certain awareness and freedom to take your game to the course. There is more to the game than just swinging the club. I tailor each lesson to the individual’s physical capabilities." ~ Jeff 

Click here to schedule an appointment with Jeff.

We are lighting up the night here at the golf center. You may have seen the installation of new LED lighting for the driving range. Now, while you practice at night, you can see the ball during the entire flight.

Our old lights were not repairable and not very energy efficient. The new lights provide much brighter and cleaner light so your evening practice will be much more enjoyable.

  We are replacing all of our Srixon range balls with brand new Strata balls.

We are implementing a new program where we will rotate out all of our balls every 3-4 months during the spring, summer and fall. The winter is challenging due to the rain so we are forced to hold balls so we can continue to operate. Our goal is to replace the Stratas more often to increase your practice experience.

Please let me know what you think of our recent additions and upgrades. And let me know if there is anything else you would like to see at the Golf Center.

Here are a few upcoming projects:
  Replacing all of the netting on the tee line.
Expanding the chipping greens – increasing the size of both greens and adding additional contour.
New maintenance program aimed to increase the speed of the putting green.

Thank you for your business, and let us know what we can do to help you play better golf and have more fun!
 The Fairway Wood is probably as
difficult a club to hit as
any in the bag.

It’s hugely useful if you can hit it consistently, but almost a waste
of space in the bag if you can’t.

Improvements in face technology
to increase forgiveness across
the face are welcome.
The fitting and setup of this club is critically important. Everything you
can do to make sure the ball launches easily and accurately, should be done. That includes investing time to find the shaft that translates difficult into easy.

An assessment and fitting is of paramount importance.

Make sure the Fairway Woods and Hybrids in your bag are as easy to use as possible, and integrated
so that you have no big distance gaps or overlap from the clubs at the top of your bag.




Where in the levels above ‘inexperienced’ do you sit?

Which level are you at? If you want to shoot lower scores, then improving your
level is the easiest and quickest way to get there.

We’d strongly recommend booking in for a short game assessment with us.
Get your technique checked and let’s see where improvements can be made to get you to Graduate,
Master or Wizard, whichever is your next level. Bring a friend or friends.
This is great fun in a group.


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