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Greetings from Judy Monday, 19 February 2018

Comments from golfers this week who are enrolled with the Judy Alvarez Golf Academy:

"Shot a 95 today. Thank you Coach Judy." ~ Stacy S.

"You told me to show my excitement when I had great shots. I was VERY excited when my partner and I won the 1st Net overall of the Mixed Championship tournament out of 60 players. We were tied with another couple for 1st gross overall but in a showing of cards we were 1 shot off. There will be a trophy for us at a formal dinner in March!
I am a product of your instruction and I’m so very grateful!
Thank you.
" ~ Pam D.

Have we inspired many of you to make a commitment to be a better golfer in 2018? Who wants to go public on a commitment?

I am looking for 3 golfers, who currently usually return a score in the 90’s, who now want to commit to raising their game to shoot in the mid 80's. Believe me when I tell you, the added pleasure you’ll get from being able to finish a round in 82 or 83 every time is priceless. Bootcamp is one way to go. Playing lesson and short game assessment is another suggestion.

Let's go....what are you waiting for? Lower scores are on the horizon.

If you’re interested in that commitment, then contact us nowTo more fairways and greens.....

Ongoing classes to help you reach your potential...

Contact me to sign up for your next class.

Fortunately the world is a better place, and sacrifices are largely consigned to our history.
That might not be the case in the golf world.

How many Pro V’s, or other golf balls, are sacrificed to the water, trees, deep rough, out-of-bounds,
indeed anything on the right for right-handers. What are golfers, bedeviled by a slice or
high fade hoping for? Many will claim they’ve aimed left of the target. But golf is a funny old game.
It seems the further left you try to hit the ball, the further right it goes.

End the sacrifice of golf balls. Come and talk to us and let’s put in place a plan to remove the
slice, high-fade, from your golf game. The sacrifice might be a small swing change; or some time
spent on a few drills, but the result is worth it. Being able to hit short and mid-Irons
at the target successfully is exhilarating.

With all the new and exciting releases of golf equipment, it’s likely that many of you will be looking at buying
a new Driver, searching for better performance that will undoubtedly include extra distance.
I want to leave you with this thought.

Justin Thomas is 145 lbs and crushes his tee shots past 275 yards on average. He has hit it over 365 yards on a Par 5.


If you are going to buy a new Driver in the weeks and months ahead, please make sure you invest time
with us in finding the right setup for your golf swing. Remember in that time together, just as it happened
with Justin Thomas, we might find small adjustments in your swing that make really big distance improvements.

Stay safe wherever you are.
See you in the fairway sooner than later.
Coach Judy
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