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Saturday, 25 May 2019

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What could be better than seeing your children enjoy the game of golf?

Sign them up to join the Oak Knoll PGA Jr. League Team and let them have a fun,
social summer learning to play the game you all enjoy!

No experience needed!

Register them NOW as the deadline is April 22nd

Do you remember how long summer used to feel?
All your friends were doing something fun and you were sitting at home?

Summer doesn't have to be that way for your kids!
Oak Knoll has the answer ~ FUN; ACTIVE; SOCIAL; OUTDOORS and did we mention FUN??

 Spots are limited and registration is OPEN - Join us for an exciting Summer of golf!

Registration is now open online

Last week we discussed the improvements in Driver face technology over the last 2 years.
The manufacturers are looking to accommodate the strike patterns of
the regular golfer (shown below). 


Those improvements are about more than preserving ball speed as you strike the ball towards the toe and heel,
they’re also about preserving accuracy. Finding the fairway is really important, even to the best as shown below.

Creating a higher MOI and therefore more accuracy off the tee means saving weight from specific
areas and repositioning that weight to increase the MOI. Even the hosel uses lighter materials in
the Cleveland HB Launcher to free up weight that can now be used lower and deeper
to ease launch and raise MOI.

This shows you that from 170 yards in the fairway, the very best golfers are more accurate on
average than they are from just 100 yards but in the rough. That is why MOI (resistance to twisting)
is so important in the latest Drivers.


We’d like to work with any golfer interested in playing more often.
We’re keen to make sure everyone of our golfers is in the fairway off the tee more often.


The quickest way to lower a score is to improve your short game and putting but, for many golfers,
the enjoyment on most holes is lost straight away. Poor tee shots land the golfer in trouble.
A walk to find a golf ball; or an immediate penalty shot.

If you’re interested in those two objectives, then we’re here to help.
For the vast majority of golfers we see: a more athletic setup; an improved take-away and turn;
and an improved sequence of movement on the downswing will deliver significantly
more distance to straighter tee shots.
Challenge us. Challenge yourself.

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