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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Dear Members, Clients and Friends,

Another 40 metres in the tank!

I learnt a few tough lessons about paying more respect to this great game after a disappointing performance in a tournament, the biggest one of which was to play more often as well as practicing the correct things at the correct times. All of these are simultaneously lessons for me on how to manage my clients and become an ever more effective teacher!

What however helped cheer me up a lot, was that later in the week I managed to help a client add an average of 40 metres to his carry distance with the driver in the space of 5 shots, simply by decreasing his angle of attack from a high negative number (clubhead moving downwards into impact) to a positive number (clubhead moving upwards into impact)! This translates into the client having to hit a whopping 4 clubs less into a green on average on a par 4 for starters, and the possibilities of starting to reach par 5's for 2 shots much more regularly, leading to much more fun out there, which is the main reason that I am here! Golf cannot be fun if you are struggling and can't improve no matter what you try. I have made peace with the fact that my coaching skills luckily outperform my playing skills!

These kind of highly satisfying success stories are happening just about on a daily basis at the studio, some more spectacular than others depending on various factors. But none of them would be nearly as spectacular if it wasn't for the assistance I'm getting from our proudly South African invention, FlightScope, the doppler radar launch monitor technology which now lets us literally "measure" your swing. 

In my future publications I will be telling you a lot more about this, but the ultimate for me would be for you to experience it first-hand. I have all the data to prove massive improvements either in tiny tweaks in the setup or swing, or in club technology or both. On this note, please take the minute it will take to read through the article further below in this newsletter on your launch DNA.

Therefore I would like to invite anyone interested to a 10-yard challenge at the studio - all you have to bring is your current driver and we will "gift you" at least 10 metres but with no limits, whether this is done via a small setup or swing change, or via technology, or a combination of these two. I'm sure there is nobody who does not want more distance! Not exclusively, this is also very much aimed at the seniors and ladies amongst you. Don't think that this technology is only for the elite golfers, far from it. I will publish some dates next week as to when we will be planning this challenge for you. 

If you want to book a one-on-one assessment with me in the meantime, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Get more versatility, spin and feel!

At the other end of the game is the vital short game and wedge play. You will have seen the first instalment of the series on the newly launched Cleveland RTX 4 wedges which will be heading your way on Mondays. Cleveland are still the leaders when it comes to wedge technology. A recent client and myself had a very relevant conversation about wedges. He mentioned that he would at last like to have all wedges be of the same company and not having one that was won in a competition, one handed down from someone else and the other picked up from the bargain rack! From what I've seen I think this is very often the case! This game is already the most difficult to be anywhere nearly consistent at, never mind when this is the case!


I have good access to this wedge technology, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you think any or all of your wedges need either replacing, or even if you have always only had only pitching and sand wedge, and/or if you are just not sure what wedges you should have in your bag to begin with! There is much to consider, starting with determining what loft your current pitching wedge has. Then also bear in mind that with us you can take the clubs to try out for a couple of rounds at your leisure, and on top of this you will never be paying more than you would at any other golf retailer, and needless to say you will receive a really professional fitting.

For any inquiries simply click here.

Unwind after a long day by hitting a couple of golf balls

Good news from the range is that we now have a credit card machine at hand which means you can conveniently pay for lessons at the kiosk as well, and the buckets of balls are also now exclusively sold at the range. With more daylight gradually creeping in, you can weather permitting still receive a bucket of balls until 17h30 to be completed by 18h00. We also have new range balls that would be the envy of many a driving range! Our vision of turning our range into the best on-course range in the country continues...

Until next week when I will be telling you more about Justin Harding, Garrett Slattery, the ladies clinics, and a Development Golf Project success story.

Keep it on the fairways,
If you’re playing with a driver over 5 years old, then the opportunity for us to
add huge distance is on the table. Manufacturers no longer have to compromise
between forgiveness and other performance features. The result of lower spin for instance,
can be added distance and less deviation offline. There’s a win.


Never mind the 36 extra metres, the tee shots were straighter.
Bringing down spin also reduces the amount of deviation in ball flight.
There’s a Driver DNA – ball speed, launch angle, & spin rate. We need to match those when fitting you for a Driver.
How close is your Driver to your Launch DNA now? Do you have 20 metres or more of performance in the right DNA?
Come and see us. Let’s unlock your potential to thrill.
To lower your scoring, you must be a confident greenside player.
Without using your bounce it is difficult to make consistent contact to build that confidence.
Different coaches will teach different chipping techniques to different golfers,
depending on skill level and how much time they have to perfect their technique.

A ‘classic’ approach is to take up a stance with the hands forward and the ball back in our stance,
and then make contact with the ball with the hands still ahead. This method is simple to understand,
but requires perfect contact. Do you get to practise everyday?

If you can learn how to use your bounce it becomes easier to make solid contact, even if you’re stroke is slightly off.
It’s perfect for weekend golfers who don’t have the time to practise everyday.

Using the bounce on your wedge makes chipping off all lies a lot simpler.
Are you working with your wedge design?


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