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Saturday, 15 December 2018

We’d like to encourage a new thought process in golfers. We want you to forget what your handicap is for a moment, or even what it could be. We want you to focus on how much pleasure there is, for the vast majority of regular and occasional golfers, in a golf shot that’s struck in the sweet spot. They say it’s the one great shot that brings you back again.

We want you to think about how often you experienced that in your last round. We want you to reflect on whether you’d like to experience that incredible feeling of accomplishment, power, control, perfection more often.

Forget the score. Forget your handicap. You can hit more great shots. Take the first step.
Contact us.
Even at the simplest level, there are over 600 fitting options for a single iron.
Many will have 4 (or more) shaft flex options.
That pushes the number of options closer to a thousand.
Some will have more than just 2 shaft options. Now we’re way past a thousand. 



 Now consider that’s all before we
look at the size of grip you require.

We’re not asking you to rush out and buy a new set of irons. But when it does come time for you to invest in
improvement and more great shots, remember you’re 1 in a thousand.
Take the time. Take the care.

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