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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

It’s Open Championship Week. Golf played with bumps and bunkers, blind shots and buried balls. It will be a week where each shot will present a very different challenge. It will be a week where the Professional (or amateur if we get a shock) who manages the vagaries of golf in a links environment, and who can manufacture different golf shots, will prevail.

Patience will be required. The ability to put bad luck, a bad lie or a surprise behind them and to focus on the next shot will be an asset. Making the right decisions that reflect the challenge presented will be an absolute must.

Many of the attributes most of us require then, for the golf we play on a regular basis, without the challenges of Carnoustie!

All of the TWA Days booklets with flight information, starting times for all 5 matches, participants list, and a complete schedule of events were mailed out yesterday to all members and guests. If you would like to access the program, please see below.


Our Champion’s Cup event will be held on Saturday, September 15th

We invite the top 40 members from our season-long points standings. The points will reset for the finals and everyone who participates will receive Pro Shop credit. Points are accumulated during our Men’s Prize Fund events throughout the season. Also, any flight winner not inside the top 40 on the points standings will also be invited to play. Please see the current Champion’s Cup standings below.

To help you find the perfect partner for you on the putting green, we’ve highlighted the importance
of matching balance to your putting stroke; and then ensuring the visual appeal is right BEFORE we get to a fitting.
But now we need to look at the length of the perfect partner for you.

Two putting styles, same golfer, two Putter lengths required. The style on the left is a pendulum style,
while the one on the right has the stroke controlled by the left shoulder and elbow.
What if I told you that many, not some but many, golfers are playing with a Putter too
long to encourage the proper rotation and therefore can’t square the face at impact?
Making sure your Putter length suits your putting style, setup and size will allow you to make a 
technically sound putting stroke and to repeat it time after time.
That doesn’t just lower your scorecard, it brings you the thrill of more Putts that drop.

Got some friends who have just started to learn the game?
Give them a chance to have some fun out on the golf course.

You don’t have to tee off from the tee box – a hugely daunting and intimidating experience
for someone still struggling to get a full shot airborne consistently.
It will lead to a much longer round and not a lot of joy.
Why not play 9-holes with each hole starting at the 40 yard mark?
You don’t have to wait for us to create fun golf experiences.
You can create them yourselves as a four-ball, or a small group.
Respect everyone else, but enjoy your golf.


Try this with friends, if you’re a regular or even highly competitive golfer.
Come down after work, before work, whenever you have 2 hours.
Play a 9 hole 40 yard Championship. It’s a great game.

Anyone not shooting under 36?
Then it’s time to pay a visit and improve your short game.


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