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Friday, December 13, 2019

You hear the hype.
You read the new statistics.
You wonder to yourself: is this going to do anything for MY game?

Kyle Bauer - Gained 15 yards!

I am here to tell you that I was even astounded at the difference it made to my shots.
What have you got to lose? There were only gains here....

The new Titleist TS2/TS3 Drivers will be here Thursday, August 30th from 12 - 4pm. 

The newest Titleist drivers began their rigorous validation process at the 118th U.S. Open® Championship. They chose to begin on the toughest stage in golf to ensure that these new drivers perform under the highest degree of pressure. And they're off to a fast start, with 17 golfers choosing to play a TS2 or TS3 driver right out of the gate.

Join us on August 30th from 12 - 4 pm, to see if you can outpace Kyle's improved distance!

The Class A Club Championship will feature a field of 61 members competing in our annual Club Championship. First round matches will begin on Friday, August 24th with starting times off #1 and #10 beginning at 12:20pm.

Listed below are Friday's first round matches and starting times.

Best of luck to everyone competing this year.
For the complete match play brackets click here.

Friday, August 24th Club Championship Flights & Starting Times:

  Championship Flight - 1st Tee
12:30pm - Ian MacKenzie (1) vs. Brian Meek (16)
12:30pm - Paul Connors (8) vs. Bob Schriver (9)
12:40pm - J.D. Wright (4) vs. Tim Petry (13)
12:40pm - Jay Henderson (5) vs. Jim Lancaster (12)
12:50pm - Blake Johnson (2) vs. John Loehr (15)
12:50pm - Tom Wilson (7) vs. Ziv Lalich (10)
1:00pm - Scott Hasley (3) vs. Robert Laragh (14)
1:00pm - Jason Baine (6) vs. Matthew Pettit (11)

First Flight - 1st Tee
12:20pm - Richard Ford (7) vs. David Moes (10)
1:10pm - Bruce Smith (8) vs. William Doepke (9)
1:10pm - Crane Kenney (6) vs. Scott Buhl (11)
1:20pm - Ron Rolighed (4) vs. George Peinado (13)
1:20pm - Fred Stewart (5) vs. Yale Henderson (12)

The following seeds will have a BYE match on Friday and will play on Saturday, August 25th:
Reed Eberle (1), Steve Pinaire (2), and David Polayes (3)

Second Flight - 10th Tee
12:30pm - Alex Darragh (1) vs. Jeff Seaman (8)
12:30pm - Jim Brault (4) vs. Doug Rowe (5)
12:40pm - Richard Melnick (2) vs. Jim Hertel (7)
12:40pm - Geoff Nixon (3) vs. Ross Landman (6)

Fourth Flight - 10th Tee
12:50pm - Lloyd Bettis (1) vs. Ben Armstrong (8)
12:50pm - Scott Smith (4) vs. Breece McKinney (5)
1:00pm - Charles Tribbett IV (2) vs. Steve Theiss (7)
1:00pm - Craig Kirby (3) vs. Roger Winship (6)

Third Flight - 10th Tee
1:10pm - Drew Woodbury (2) vs. Ron Vander Weele
1:10pm - Jeff Powell (3) vs. Chad Thomas (6)
1:20pm - Eric Enloe (1) vs. George Jameson (8)
1:20pm - Jud Bergman (4) vs. David Ruder II (5)

Fifth Flight - 10th Tee
1:30pm - David Ross (2) vs. Richard Urevig (7)
1:30pm - Brian Rieger (3) vs. Robert Rothermel (6)
1:40pm - Jeff Frient (1) vs. Dirk Vos (8)
1:40pm - Fred Webster (4) vs. Mark Ter Molen (5)

Upcoming Class A Golf Events – Sign up in locker room

• Club Championship – August 24, 25, 26
• Labor Day Tournament – September 3
• Men’s Fall Invitational – September 14
• Champion’s Cup –
September 15

Upcoming Class AA Golf Events – Sign up Online

• AA Sr. Club Championship – August 21, 23
• AA Club Championship – August 28, 30
• Step Aside Scramble – September 5
• Casual Guest Day – September 6
• Ladies Fall Classic – September 11
• Closing Day –
September 18

Over the past three weeks, we’ve looked at why Grinds on your Wedges are crucial,
and how the right Grinds make it easier to play greenside shots.

There are three main methods to tackling shots around the green:
Your Wedges should allow you to face any challenge and take any opportunity from 50 yards and in.
Do your current lofts and ‘Grinds’ make that easier? We’re here to help you Become a Short Game Wizard.

We want you to improve your score on Par 3’s.
Part of that is avoiding 5’s, 6’s and even worse.
Sometimes the hole designer is looking to harm your scorecard.
Consider this real Par 3 (it’s the 200 yard+ 12th on White River Country Club):

Simple Tip #4
Sometimes a Par 3 is really a Par 4. Play it that way.
The vast majority of golfers should lay up in the safe area,
and then pitch the ball up onto the green.
It’s probably a 4, a chunked chip might mean a 5, but it could be a 3.
But out of bounds, and you’re playing 3 from the tee.
In the water and you’re playing 3 from a drop zone that forces you to skirt the water again.
Now about that chunked chip shot…


Billy Casper was a great golfer.
It’s worth noting that, in his
1 stroke 1959 US Open victory
at Winged Foot, he laid up in
every round on the Par 3 17th.

You’ll be faced with a course management challenge on all approach shots,
not just Par 3’s. Try playing a round where you take a ‘safety first’ approach to every shot.
Check out your score. Is it an improvement if you play within yourself?
Course management is an important part of your game; if you’d be interested
in an accompanied round to help with your course management,

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