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Friday, 14 December 2018

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Fall kitchen hours: Wednesday - Sunday 9am - 5pm.

There's always something happening at your club...

We have several tournaments coming up, which will affect tee times

Oct 20th & 21st
The back 9 will be closed in accordance with the Hammond Air Show regulations.
The front 9 will be open for play. Please call or stop by pro-shop for a tee time and we will be happy to assist.

Oct 24th
Amite Rotary Club Tournament.
Shotgun start and course must be cleared at 12:00. Morning rounds are available.

Oct 26th
Auto 1 Tournament.
10:00 Shotgun start.

Oct 28th
9:00 – 12:00 tee off on Hole #1.
Call for tee time and we can assist members by starting on other holes.

It's fall and a great time to host events at Oak Knoll.

... you should be here to cheer them on!

Congratulations to our 2018 Ladies Club Champion

Register today!

Join us for the Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction 9th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
on Friday October 26th, 2018.

We will have a great day of golf to support the Child Advocacy Services, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Options.
This is a perfect way to entertain clients and meet new friends in an exciting setting. 

Register today and be sure to invite your friends and business associates to register as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Many better players have a lower trajectory with a slight draw; and lots of run out.
While they may be consistent; the challenges of the hole, rough, trees, bunkers and water;
often get the better of them because of their longer run-out.


The extra 20 yards matter. They turn #5 iron approach shots into #7 irons.
But the 35-yard improvement in carry distance will allow the driver to be used on more holes,
turning #4 irons into #7 irons. That’s a game-changer.
There’s a Driver DNA – ball speed, launch angle, & spin rate. We need to match those
when fitting you for a Driver. How close is your Driver to your Launch DNA now?
Do you have 20 yards or more of performance in the right DNA?
Come and see us. Let’s unlock your potential to thrill.
Each golfer will have a point in their bag where ball striking starts to become a little too inconsistent.
As you go up the bag from the pitching wedge the shaft gets longer (in most sets) and the loft gets stronger.
A longer shaft and stronger loft will test your technique.
There will be clubs that you’re confident using; able to hit the green regularly with.
Then you find a limit. For higher handicaps, it might be as early as the #8 iron.
For mid-range handicaps, it might be the #6 iron. 

Which is the longest club you can use on approach shots with any degree of confidence?
Why not forget about handicap or scorecard, and set yourself a target to improve your technique
so that your number moves 2 clubs higher?

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