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Thursday, October 22, 2020

"My Sons have been going to Nic for a while now and I am not only impressed with his ability to teach them how to swing the club, chip and putt, but the effort he puts in to teach the mental aspect of the game and how important it is.

I see their golf games improving not only physically, but mentally as well. Thanks Coach Nic!!
" ~
Charlie Ward

RNGA students Yujeong Son, Abbey Daniel, Jacob Bergeron and Davis Riley are all participating in the US Amateurs coming up in the next few weeks.

Keep an eye out for them and we would like to wish them all the best!
We know yall will do great!

We would like to congratulate all our students on their great results at the Kelly Gibson Tournaments. We had some great scores. A lot of winners, and many who beat their personal best scores.

We are just so proud of all of you and all the hard work you have put in.

English Turn Golf and Country Club

Boys 16-17
1st - Trey Morse
4th - Jay Beatmann
T5th - Chris Wilson
7th - Brett Baker
T17th - Jack Legnon

  Boys 18-22
1st - Zachary Barrios
T5th - Mikey Landry
T7th - Kyle Estay
T19th - Torbin Breit

  Girls 14-17
1st - Morgan Guepet
T2nd - Liza Lapeyre
T2nd - Sarah Meral
4th - Blair McKenzie
9th - Kyla Starr
12th - Ava McGoey
  Girls 18-22
1st - Reese Drezins
7th - Savannah Ennis
9th - Caroline Hingle

Tchefuncta Country Club

Boys 11-13
1st - Joshua Achord
  Boys 14-15
1st - Riley Hnatyshyn
2nd - Owen Hayden
  Boys 7-10
2nd - Logan Heltz

Baton Rouge Country Club

Boys 16-17
1st - Brett Baker
2nd - Trey Morse
3rd - Dwayne Heron
7th - Chris Wilson
10 - Quinn Garcia
  Boys 18-22
T8 - Kyle Estay

  Girls 14-17
1st - Morgan Guepet
2nd - Blair McKenzie
10 - Kayla Starr

  Girls 18-22
3rd - Reese Drezins
5 - Savannah Ennis

Money Hill Golf and Country Club

Boys 14-15
1st - Owen Hayden
2nd - Gil Ward
T3rd - Riley Hnatyshyn
T7th - Griffin Dorr
16 - Jackson Heap
  Boys 11-13
1st - Joshua Achord
T3rd - Emmerson du Passage
12 - Luke Ward

  Boys 7-10
T2nd - Logan Heltz
T2nd - Ethan Ward
T7th - Christian Ward

Diamondhead Country Club

Boys 11-13
1st - Joshua Achord
9th - Luke Ward

  Boys 14-15
2nd - Gil Ward
3rd - Griffin Dorr
T4th - Owen Hayden
T11th - Riley Hnatyshyn
  Boys 16-17
1st - Brett Baker
2nd - Chris Wilson
3rd - Trey Morse
4th - Dwayne Heron
  Boys 7-10
T3rd - Logan Heltz
6th - Ethan Ward
10 - Christian Ward

Girls 14-17
T1 - Sarah Meral
T3 - Blair Mckenzie

Girls 18-22
T2nd - Savannah Ennis

New groups starting now!

Both at Money Hill and Cypress Lakes.

Cypress Lakes is at 10 Villere Dr. Destrehan, LA 70047


You want to hit better short shots. It sets up more opportunities for birdies or par saves.
Manufacturers talk about ‘Grinds’ in all the adverts for their Wedges now. How does the right Grind work for you?

Before we get to ‘Grind’, how many Wedges do you have covering the 8° from 46° to 54°? You should have two.
Unfortunately most golfers only have one. That’s your first area of short game equipment improvement.
 This month, our focus is your score on the Par 3’s you play.
Let’s start that focus with some measurement.
 How many under or over Par were you
on the Par 3’s in your last round?

Start to make that a statistic you keep.

Keep your average score per round.

Make this a target for improvement.
Simple Tip #1

Tee the golf ball to the correct height to encourage consistency.

As well as tracking your score on Par 3’s, pay close attention to where your misses are.
Do they reflect the same challenges you have on all approach shots?
Improving your performance on Par 3’s will probably increase your enjoyment throughout the round.
Think about improvement. If we can help,

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