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Saturday, 23 March 2019

The British Open is by far my favorite major. They simply set up the course with pin positions, and that’s basically it. If the winning score is -8, -20 or +5, it doesn’t matter. And of course, congratulations to Francesco Molinari! Anyone who goes bogey-free on the weekend of a major deserves to win. This guy is the hottest golfer on the planet, simply by putting his head down and hitting fairways and greens.

I played 9 holes before the monsoon rains came, which I’m sure folks in the Metroplex would welcome due to the extreme heat. I played about as good as I could play folks, and shot a 44, with only one three-putt. I posted 6 bogeys, a double and a par. I even hit a 3 wood off the ground on a Par 5 to shorten the hole to make it a pitch and putt. Admittedly, I had to pitch out from behind a tree from a shockingly straight drive on a hole that had a hard dogleg right, which prompted the shot. It was almost like I knew what I was doing out there. I took my medicine and it worked out, with the exception of the only three-putt of the nine holes.

Why the sudden change? Instruction on stance, alignment and a lot of range time.

No one can play this game consistently and proficiently without some instruction. Many of us get our information from a magazine or YouTube for that fix, which can be successful for a while: I’ve done it too. But if old habits are getting in the way, we can’t see ourselves and make the appropriate changes. We’re just chasing our own tail and we can fall back into old patterns. I’ve done this too, as have many of you.

Here’s a little perspective: Professionals can’t see themselves either without some effort. That’s why they, just like you, trust the instructors at The Golf Station to be their eyes and give them not only input but a course of action. Without a plan, you’re merely guessing and hoping things work out.

Last week you posted a picture with the i500’s. I’m a higher handicap player, but they look so good, I want to get fit for them. Do you think I can handle them? I’m a decent ballstriker and my lowest score is a 91. I just don’t like big irons and a ton of offset.“ ~ M.A.

It’s not up to me to decide that, but I can tell you, you CAN be fit into them. They’re not game improvement. Since you’re not looking for that, then keep reading. They’re, what PING calls them, a “Player’s distance iron.” It incorporates elements from the G700 into a smaller package with a thinner top line and a thinner sole. They’re not as small as their new i210, but they’re not as large as their G400 iron. During your fitting, we’re going to make all the numbers work. The rest will be up to you. These are going to demand some more attention. Once you get used to them, I think they can definitely make you a better player. You’ll focus more and get the performance you’re looking for. So, in a word, yes I think you can handle them. But again, you need to put the work in. If you’re coming from a more game improvement iron, this is a good first step to consider. Of course there are options as well, from every manufacturer to fit your goals. There are quite a few regular and exotic Japanese examples to look at as well.

This past weekend, Tim, Chris and our Master Club Builder Neal Blanchard traveled to The Club at Sonterra in San Antonio for a fitting event. Our state-of-the-art mobile fitting cart was the star of the show enabling our guys to fit a number of nice folks like these pictured below. It was hot and the days were long, but everyone who wanted to be fitted for new woods or irons, got an experience they’ll never forget. And we were proud to do it. Thank you for letting us serve you and give you our Tour Quality Fit!

If you’re ready to get a Tour Quality fit and get the best bag you’ve ever had,

or call us at 817.595.4653 and make an appointment for your session. You’ll soon see that your experience won’t be like anything you’ve had before.

We’ve ticked off Putter balance; good looks; Putter length; and now we’re going to evaluate ‘swing weight’
as we help you find the perfect partner for the putting green.
Your Putter is your precision tool. If the
swing weight is too low it makes it more
difficult to control longer Putts.

If the swing weight’s too high
you lose control. 
There’s a tend to shortening the
length of the putter and /
or using a heavier grip.
Both of those changes to
an existing putter,
will lower swing weight.
The final check:
tuning your stroke and
the putter loft to create
the perfect roll.

The first three ‘dating steps’ to find the right putting partner were focused on helping you square the face
down the target line at impact. Your perfect swing weight will help you hit much better first Putts,
and ensure your short pressure Putts are easier to handle.



You may have played golf for health and well-being, social, and recreational reasons for 20+ years.
You have had some coaching in the beginning, but since then you’ve only had “fix” lessons. I
f you’re shooting in the low 90’s or high 80’s, you have proven athletic ability.
How good could you be?


This isn’t about pumping iron and becoming the young stud.
It’s about maximizing the potential of technique and timing. Get that right and:


If that’s a golf experience that appeals to you, then please don’t wait.
Start the journey to hitting even better golf shots. 


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