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Friday, August 14, 2020

Laney Hall at Pinehurst

Well Laney Hall made it to Pinehurst. Lucky girl!

She’s competing in the US Kids Golf World Championship this weekend. Good luck young lady! Enjoy the experience and remember to have fun!

And those of you who say you can’t do “this or that,” remember Laney set a goal to compete at Pinehurst.

Set a goal and get after it. Don’t forget to ask for some help along the way like Laney and her folks did! They all committed and look where they are now? And how did it happen?

Laney has directly worked with Tim for a year changing her swing and altering her equipment to help her reach her goal. He worked her pretty hard in order to get her game where it needed to be and to accomplish what she set out to do. And she had fun while doing it. I’d say it was work that was rewarded.

Speaking of having fun, Chris Gum competed in the Texas State Open with a big shiny bag of Callaway’s. If you ever wanted to sneak a peek in a Pro’s bag here’s your chance:

Rogue driver set at 9.5 degrees with Graphite Design AD-BB5s shaft
Rogue 4-wood (16.5 degree) with Graphite Design AD-BB6s shaft
Rogue 5-wood (18 degree) with Graphite Design AD-DI7s shaft
Rogue Hybrid (21 degree) with Graphite Design AD-DI8s shaft
X-Forged irons (5-8) with Aerotech Steel Fiber 80s shafts
X-Forged irons (9-PW) with Aerotech Steel Fiber 95s shafts
Mack Daddy 4 wedges in black matte finish 50, 55, 60 with Nippon Modus 115 wedge specific shafts
Odyssey 7 Red O-Works Red Putter

Yes, even we get Golf Station Fit! Congratulations on playing well and doing yourself and us proud.

When not playing golf, Chris has been teaching a gentleman who knew how to hit golf balls, but had never played a round of golf.

After several months of instruction, he recently played his first rounds of golf. Two in fact! And most importantly, he has enjoyed playing the game for the first time.

We recently had a gentleman come in for a full bag fitting.

While that’s not unusual, he gained over 30 yards after being properly fit for a driver for the first time. While we report this a lot, we still like seeing it happen. However, that’s not the end of the story. He was discussing with one of our pros, while discussing his new putter he admitted he had serious speed issues with longer putts. Hearing that, we got to work on his stroke and helped him determine how to judge distance and speed. After a few minutes of discussion and rolling putts, his issue was a thing of the past. If putts didn’t sink, they were within a foot of the hole.

And something that we’re all pretty proud of and happy about: One of our PGA Tour pros just passed the $ 1 Million mark in season earnings.

He’s in good shape to at least play the first two FedEx Cup playoff events, but even more importantly, he’s virtually locked up his PGA Tour playing privileges for the 2019 season. It’s been awhile since that’s happened in this man’s successful career. After coming to The Golf Station last May, his card was in serious jeopardy, we were able to overhaul his equipment and work on his swing in order to get back to being competitive and frankly, earn a living. That’s where the rubber meets the road for him.

Now if he can trust us with his game, we hope you can too. And we’ll take care of you as well as we take care of him. You’ve heard it before, but it’s our Tour Quality fit that gives you the same treatment as a touring professional. No exceptions!

What do you want to accomplish?
Whatever it is golf-wise, we can help you reach your goal and play the best golf of your life. And we can also help set your junior on a great path for success in the game and beyond.

Or call 817.595.4653 for more information!
You want to hit better short shots. It sets up more opportunities for birdies or par saves.
Manufacturers talk about ‘Grinds’ in all the adverts for their Wedges now. How does the right Grind work for you?

Before we get to ‘Grind’, how many Wedges do you have covering the 8° from 46° to 54°? You should have two.
Unfortunately most golfers only have one. That’s your first area of short game equipment improvement.

 This month, our focus is your score on the Par 3’s you play.
Let’s start that focus with some measurement.
 How many under or over Par were you
on the Par 3’s in your last round?

Start to make that a statistic you keep.

Keep your average score per round.

Make this a target for improvement.
Simple Tip #1

Tee the golf ball to the correct height to encourage consistency.

As well as tracking your score on Par 3’s, pay close attention to where your misses are.
Do they reflect the same challenges you have on all approach shots?
Improving your performance on Par 3’s will probably increase your enjoyment throughout the round.
Think about improvement. If we can help,


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