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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I said to myself, “There is no possible way I’m going to dedicate anymore newsletter space to Laney Hall.” Well, I have to. She earned every bit of digital space. As her dad John said, “This little savage played her heart out!

At the US Kids World Championship last weekend at Pinehurst NC, she had her breakout round.

For a little history, Laney has been working with Tim for a year. Tim works her pretty hard. When I visited and met her for the first time, Tim had Adam work her on physical drills that left her out of breath. Tim said there were times on other lessons, where she would literally be glaring at him. But for all the times he worked her hard, he knew when to pull back and simply let her have fun with what she was doing, even though she had a goal in mind. But make no mistake, he pushed her.

Laney went out and played a practice round and shot an 87. The next day in her first round she shot a 91. Due to inclement weather, the second round was delayed. When play resumed the next day, she played the round of her young life and shot a 77. Through her hard work, she moved 33 places up the leaderboard at that moment. Needless to say, she was pumped!

In her previous rounds, she’s generally posted scores in the low 90’s and even had some in the high 80’s, but the 77 is her current personal best. And to have her dad on the bag just made the day even sweeter for them both. They were beyond pleased, and yes, emotional as we were when the phone calls started. Personally I sat in amazement and of course thought, “I’ve never broken 80!

"She’s been in the low 90’s and had a few rounds in the mid-high 80’s, but today’s 77 is currently a personal best for Laney to date. We couldn’t be more pleased with these results, glad that so many people have been pulling for her over the past few days, and so proud to have been on the bag this week during this wonderful experience." ~ Dad

She has improved by leaps and bounds since coming to The Golf Station. Her work with Tim is beginning to pay huge dividends and bringing out the skill that we and her parents knew she had. She just needed someone to bring it out. Her future is bright and we couldn’t be happier for her!

This writer is very proud of her as is the entire staff of The Golf Station. Congratulations and well done!

Your junior’s best can be achieved by starting them off early.

If your junior aspires to play at a competitive level, an early start is paramount. We constantly hear from adults who simply want to play golf well and enjoy it, that they should have started playing younger. I’ve said the same.

But going forward, we are planning a Fall Junior Academy to meet two days a week to get more young folks engaged into the game from the basic level all the way to a more advanced level to help them enjoy the game.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our planned junior academy, please

Or call 817.595.4653. We’d love to hear from you!
Managing tricky greenside shots becomes a lot easier if your Grind is designed for the way you play the shot.
‘Grinds’ are especially important on the Wedges you use for these shots; usually from 54º to 64º Wedges.
It can do all that, by allowing the bounce and leading edge to work effectively to support the way you hold the
clubhead at address and through impact. What’s important is having the right Grind for the way
you hold the Wedge on a particular shot.

Are you someone that LACKS CONFIDENCE when faced with tricky greenside shots?
Maybe your equipment is working against you.

We’re trying to help you make more 3’s on the Par 3’s.
Better decision-making is going to improve your scores.
Despite the increased amount of GPS data available, regular and inexperienced golfers still,
on the majority of occasions, come up short.

Even when a golfer knows the “yardage” on each of their clubs,
their misses are mostly short.

Simple Tip #2
Why are you expecting the perfect golf shot? What is your level of consistency? 
 If there’s no trouble behind
the green, then ignore the
distance to the flag, and pick a
club that, when struck well,
will get you to the back of
the green. That way a less
than perfect ball strike has
a chance of getting to
the green. Rarely do even
good ball strikers
make perfect contact.

Where are the majority of your misses on all approach shots?
Would aiming for the back of the green (assuming no trouble behind the hole)
be a course management strategy that would improve your whole round?
Improving your performance on Par 3’s will probably increase your enjoyment
throughout the round. Think about improvement. If we can help,


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