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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I have a question: Why don’t any of the guys who have come into The Golf Station want their pictures taken?

I’m married. I get it. You don’t want to get caught getting new gear. At one time I used to string together credit cards to 1) Add up to the cost of my very first Golf Station bag, and 2) Not get caught. I know. I’m a terrible husband. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I have no regrets...sort of. But I know all too well about unapproved purchases...and upset New York City Dominicans.

Recently, after a driver fitting, a gentleman was fit into a Callaway Rogue with an Accra FX 2.0 150 M3 shaft with SST Puring (of course). Neal and Adam built and shipped his new weapon to his home as he doesn’t live close to the store. He was on the driving range when he got word his driver was in. He raced home to get it and barely made it back before his tee time.

He took a couple of swings on the range and went to the to the first tee, a par 5 where he normally lays up with a 4-iron after his drive. This time he laid up with a 7-iron!

The rest of the day was like that as he was driving the ball on a rope and seeing parts of the course he’d never seen off the tee. Overall it was a 25 yard distance gain. He says the money he takes from his playing partners will be going to a properly fit set of irons from us in the near future! He can’t wait, and neither can we.

  We fit a gentleman in the spring into a new bag. Armed with new TaylorMade P790 irons, Titleist SM7 wedges both with Oban oi83 graphite shafts, a Titleist H1 hybrid with a Oban Isawa Red shaft, a simple bag change, he was able to win two club tournaments and drop his handicap by 6 shots!

He even picked up 2 clubs of distance to boot with a ton of accuracy. Make no mistake, he can play, but six shots is nothing to sneeze at.

It’s amazing what a properly fit bag can do for your golf game.

And as much as Tim loves to change equipment (he really, REALLY hates it), Titleist sent him to get fit into the new Titleist TS3 driver. He was just one of many invited PGA Professionals afforded a chance to get fit into the new series. Of course, touring professionals have already had these in play for a few weeks now, with Michael Kim getting his first PGA Tour win with a TS2 and Justin Thomas getting a resounding win at the WGC Bridgestone with a TS3. As if he needed more convincing, he had the longest drive of the week with a 394 yard bomb on the final day.

According to Tim, this driver is for real. A bit edgy and a performer.
In short, this one is “going to punch the industry in the mouth”. He doesn’t gush too often. Look for more information on these drivers and the recently previewed fairway woods soon. When they’re available, we’ll definitely let you nice folks know.

And here’s something many of you may not be aware of, Titleist announced the following on their Team Titleist Internet forum page:

Now, you may have heard some of the rumors out there that this was the year that we would finally introduce a yellow Pro V1, Well, I’m here to let Team Titleist know that the rumors aren’t rumors at all. That’s right, after speaking with our product team I am able to confirm that we will be launching (sorry, I couldn’t avoid the pun) yellow Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls in 2019.

Rejoice fellow golfers who like me, can’t see a golf ball in the air!

We love reading and hearing the stories of your games and your fittings.
We know that results matter and are appreciative when you share your successes. If you have a moment and feel so inclined, drop us a line.

Email me those success stories (and photos).

Or call 817.595.4653
for anything your game needs.
The right Grind adds versatility to your game making it easier to play various greenside shots.
Especially on the wedges you use around the green, spend time getting the right ‘Grind’ and ‘Bounce’.

Manufacturers have introduced two main ‘Grinds’ to make greenside shots easier:

The right grind on a Wedge that supports the way you’re likely to use that Wedge, will make shot-making easier.
You might use different Wedges in different ways, so it’s not one Grind fits all. Next time you’re looking at Wedges,
make sure you get fitted.

We’re two weeks in to some simple advice on how to improve your
score using the Par 3 holes. They’re an opportunity for everyone.
Removing risk helps.

Simple Tip #3
Where’s the easiest and safest target? Before you even look for the flag,
find the point on the green that gives you the largest room for error.

In this example, even going over the back of the target area marked will leave
you a chip and putt for a 3, so you’re looking at a 4 at worst. Go at the flag and the
consequences of a miss could be much greater. Even if you fly the flag and land in the bunker,
you’re then faced with a bunker shot back towards water. Going at the flag is a 2 or bust!

You’ll be faced with a course management challenge on all approach shots,
not just Par 3’s. Try playing a round where you take a ‘safety first’ approach to every shot.
Check out your score. Is it an improvement if you play within yourself?
Course management is an important part of your game; if you’d be interested
in an accompanied round to help with your course management,


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