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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

In the past week, we had a bunch of fittings and two of my favorite things....
First a Facebook post…

"Just picked up my custom fitted set of Yonex irons from Tim and I couldn’t be happier. I picked up at least a club in distance and can’t wait until I get them dialed in. Thanks Tim for always coming through! I won’t go anywhere else for clubs, 10/10 would recommend!" ~ Eric

…and a testimonial email…

  "I’ve been playing golf for a couple of years now. I’ve gotten my use out of hand-me-downs, senior shaft clubs, a women’s “full set” off the rack at a golf store and it seemed like every other option possible. Especially now that I was getting more serious, it seemed time to get fitted for clubs if I wanted to continue seriously with the sport. I love to play and be outside but never getting better with my game was very frustrating!

My husband set me up for a fitting at a golf specialty fitter in Plano. It was a horrible experience! I spent 3.5 hours of hitting balls and having someone show me numbers that actually meant nothing to me. They convinced me that I had been correctly fitted with a set of irons, driver and fairway shafts. Definitely NOT! My game was worse than it had ever been and it physically hurt to hit my “new” clubs. Several attempts to re-fit (their recommendation was new grips) went nowhere. Discouraged and out of a lot of money, I went to the Golf Station and met with Chris. He had my “fitted clubs” tested and to my surprise, they had given me stiff shafts and TaylorMade P790 heads…all said to be “great stuff for a 20 handicap” it was far from that.

The entire experience at The Golf Station was tremendous. They took the time to understand me, my struggles and golf expectations. With the fitting guidance and skill of Tim, I was fit with a set of PING irons.

My first day on the course with my new clubs gave me the confidence I was going to improve! For the first time ever, I broke 90. Shortly after, I shot an 83! My new clubs were comfortable and easy to get used to. They’re the best investment towards my golf game to date and the team at The Golf Station provided pinnacle service.

I love my PING G700 irons and completely configured Accra Shafts!" ~ Sandy

We love reading and hearing stories like these. Sadly, we hear about experiences like that from other stores more than we should. We defend our industry a lot, but this is happening more and more.

The Tour quality fit and instruction that Tim gives, the advice and customer service that Chris gives and the expert craftsmanship demonstrated by Neal and Adam are what brings people in and keeps them coming back. It sets us apart and gives you something you can compare against.

If you’ve been fit anywhere else, bring in your bag and we’ll compare it against what we can do. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Or call 817.595.4653 and we’ll help get your game in the right direction. Eric and Sandy would agree!
Over the past three weeks, we’ve looked at why Grinds on your Wedges are crucial,
and how the right Grinds make it easier to play greenside shots.

There are three main methods to tackling shots around the green:
Your Wedges should allow you to face any challenge and take any opportunity from 50 yards and in.
Do your current lofts and ‘Grinds’ make that easier? We’re here to help you Become a Short Game Wizard.

We want you to improve your score on Par 3’s.
Part of that is avoiding 5’s, 6’s and even worse.
Sometimes the hole designer is looking to harm your scorecard.
Consider this real Par 3 (it’s the 200 yard+ 12th on White River Country Club):

Simple Tip #4
Sometimes a Par 3 is really a Par 4. Play it that way.
The vast majority of golfers should lay up in the safe area,
and then pitch the ball up onto the green.
It’s probably a 4, a chunked chip might mean a 5, but it could be a 3.
But out of bounds, and you’re playing 3 from the tee.
In the water and you’re playing 3 from a drop zone that forces you to skirt the water again.
Now about that chunked chip shot…


Billy Casper was a great golfer.
It’s worth noting that, in his
1 stroke 1959 US Open victory
at Winged Foot, he laid up in
every round on the Par 3 17th.

You’ll be faced with a course management challenge on all approach shots,
not just Par 3’s. Try playing a round where you take a ‘safety first’ approach to every shot.
Check out your score. Is it an improvement if you play within yourself?
Course management is an important part of your game; if you’d be interested
in an accompanied round to help with your course management,


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