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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Another weekend trip to The Club at Sonterra in San Antonio enabled us to fit some more lucky club members.

We hope to bring you some more success stories, once they have had a chance to take their new clubs out for a game or two and then let us know how they are performing.

Remember our fittings are guaranteed to make you successful.

If you want to succeed out on the course.

A month ago, we fit a customer into a PING G400 Max driver with an Accra FX 2.0 M1 shaft. Recently we spoke with a lady who frequently plays with her. They were slightly miffed as (according to them) she used to be the shortest driver in the group. But after her fitting she had turned into the longest driver in the group!

The reason we heard this story is because this lady came to us to get fitted after seeing the success of her playing partner. That actually happens a lot. A former customer brings something new to a round of golf with their usual foursome. “All of a sudden,” they’re outperforming everyone off the tee, and in many cases after a full bag fitting, all the way to the green. Chaos ensues and playing partners come in to level the playing field. Pride and ego? Of course! It works every time.

But seriously, when playing partners see a dramatic performance change, the interrogations start and usually end with, “And where’s The Golf Station again?

Absolutely. We all know golf is difficult. Almost all of us have said, “I hate this game!” Then you hit that shot that brings you back. It’s truly a love-hate relationship. Whether you’re a 30-handicapper all the way down to near or at a scratch, it’s there to help you and make this game easier.

We recently fit a gentleman in his early 60’s who is still a 2-handicap, but he was upset that his game had deteriorated mostly because he had lost significant distance. He had been previously fitted by a club rep out of state into irons that didn’t go through the turf well with his extremely shallow path through the ball and his shafts were much too heavy for him.

After a thorough iron testing it was obvious the Srixon Z565 irons he tried had the sole design that suited his unusual turf interaction and the Z565’s were more than pleasing to his eye. Once that was solved it was time to find the perfect shaft which ended up being the UST Recoil 807 F3.

This customer has played golf at a very high level since his teens, he was skeptical about how much difference a fitting like this would make. He used them for the first time this past weekend and was between a club and a club and a half longer. Into the wind, he was two clubs longer as the penetrating ball flight was not as much affected by the wind as he had thought it would.

The look on his face was priceless as he could simply not believe how much distance he gained without any extra effort. He even airmailed a couple of greens because he wasn’t quite used to the difference the irons were making, yet.

For good measure, he was fit into a couple of PING hybrids with the same UST shafts. He informed us on one particular Par 5, he needed to lay up after a wayward drive. He took his new 26 degree hybrid and simply went straight up over a big tree into the middle of the fairway. He shook his head and laughed in disbelief and amazement.

After the round all he could talk about was how much the new clubs made a difference. Members of our staff hear stories all the time about our successes, but this time he played with some of our staff and they got to see their handiwork in person. From all accounts, it was fun observe it all up close and personal.

From every fitting that Tim does, lessons that Tim and Chris teach, every club that Neal and Adam builds and every newsletter I have the privilege of writing about you and your successes.

We’re honored to help you play your best, get in shape and tell your story.

If there is anything we can do for you, call 817.595.4653 and let us know how we can help. Whether you need to work out kinks in your swing, your back or your bag, we can help you...

Even at the simplest level, there are over 600 fitting options for a single iron.
Many will have 4 (or more) shaft flex options.
That pushes the number of options closer to a thousand.
Some will have more than just 2 shaft options. Now we’re way past a thousand. 



 Now consider that’s all before we
look at the size of grip you require.

We’re not asking you to rush out and buy a new set of irons. But when it does come time for you to invest in
improvement and more great shots, remember you’re 1 in a thousand.
Take the time. Take the care.




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