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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More happy customers

Recently we’ve had some cool things happen in the store. We’ve had a number of customers who have been fit for irons, and once they see how they perform on the course, they call us to come in and get fit for woods. And for us, it’s not about the sale. It’s really about the reaction we get everyday when someone sees what a proper fitting can do for you. When we hear in person how a set of irons or a driver is performing for a family member (and that’s what you are), about how a customer gained yardage, accuracy or both, it continues to validate what we do and how we do it.

We approach every customer as an individual. And we get it, a lot of stores say that. But we assure you, the average fitting session at a big box store isn’t going to be as long or as thorough as one we can give you. It will be more accurate than any boutique golf store with hundreds of shafts on the wall to make sure you get that “Tour Quality” fit we promise you.

One guy came and got custom fit for TaylorMade P790’s with Oban Oi83 graphite iron shafts. After seeing his dispersion decrease and distance increase by a club and a half (that’s 15 yards to you and me), he decided he needed to get fit into shafts in his woods as well. Another gentleman was fit into Nippon 950GH-R shafts in his current set to liven them up. After gaining distance and accuracy on the simulator, he was soon fit into new shafts for his woods as well.

Why is this important?

If your irons are longer, you have to upgrade your woods. If your longest iron is as long as your highest lofted fairway wood or hybrid, you have a problem. This will cause issues in your game.

The fact that this keeps happening is cool to be honest. These guys are getting the most from their games by having the equipment that’s optimized for them. Often, when customers come in, they’ve demoed clubs in the past that have maybe been the right length and lie. But that’s all you can do. Here, we’re taking a head and changing shafts until it’s right for you.

We get texts, emails and copies of scorecards like this one. They’re stunned how their bags are performing for them. And we always tell them that their bags are tailored for them to make the game easier without additional effort. While we can’t swing the club for you, we can help you get results not only when you hit the club purely, but more importantly, when you don’t.

For example, the owner of this scorecard came in for an iron fitting and he shot his career-low round on the first go around with his irons. “Pleased” wasn’t a strong enough word. I mean he broke 80 for the first time. I’d be holding a barbecue!

Are you looking to hit your lowest round? Contact us here.

New equipment is starting to make its appearance

It’s a sign that the PGA Show is coming! A couple of weeks ago, Mizuno decided to introduce their new JPX919 line and other equipment companies are gearing up to let sneak peaks out.

And this past week, there was a sneak peek under the hood of the Titleist TS series of woods for a few lucky customers. With all of the choices currently available and the choices upcoming, we’d be shocked if we didn’t find something that fits you, your swing and budget.

So, what are you looking for? Irons? Wedges? Or maybe a new driver? Once you come into The Golf Station, you will see how different we are and what we can offer you.

If you are ready to try something different and upgrade your game, click here or call 817.595.4653 to set yourself up for an appointment. If you love this great game as much as we know you do, it is time to be a little selfish and put the best clubs you have ever had in your bag.
We want to help more of our golfers experience more often the joy of a sweetly struck, accurate, iron shot.
That means increasing consistency, and how square to the target line the club face is at impact.
To achieve that, whatever your skill level, you need an iron that fits you.
The chances of that off the shelf: 1 in 15 or even worse odds.
The wrong shaft length makes getting into the right address position more difficult.
The wrong lie angle makes square contact very difficult.
The wrong shaft flex means you’re not translating the power of your swing into ball flight and speed.
Each of these affects consistency, accuracy, and distance. 

This is a ‘no-brainer’. Every golfer should play with golf equipment that makes it easy to repeat a golf swing;
that brings the club face back to the ball; square to the target line. Inexperienced and learning? Make it easier.
Improving and aspiring? Make it easier. Good and competitive? Make it easier.

To lower your scoring, you must be a confident greenside player.
Without using your bounce it is difficult to make consistent contact to build that confidence.
Different coaches will teach different chipping techniques to different golfers,
depending on skill level and how much time they have to perfect their technique.

A ‘classic’ approach is to take up a stance with the hands forward and the ball back in our stance,
and then make contact with the ball with the hands still ahead. This method is simple to understand,
but requires perfect contact. Do you get to practise everyday?

If you can learn how to use your bounce it becomes easier to make solid contact, even if you’re stroke is slightly off.
It’s perfect for weekend golfers who don’t have the time to practise everyday.

Using the bounce on your wedge makes chipping off all lies a lot simpler.
Are you working with your wedge design?




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