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Sunday, August 09, 2020

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In the past few weeks, we’ve started to fit a good amount of Mizuno 919 series irons. And admittedly, I’ve never owned a set of Mizuno irons, though I borrowed a set once. I get it. They felt phenomenal, though the set I tried was a little past my skill at the time. Over the past few years, they’ve focused on literally all ranges of handicaps. So they’re definitely not focusing on just on blades any longer. They want to give everyone that legendary feel and performance. It’s definitely cultish, but people are as brand loyal with Mizuno as well as any other company. It’s a well-earned reputation.

Come in and demo one of the three heads. Whether it’s the Tour, Forged or the Hot Metal, you’ll become a convert too.

Fall golf is upon us and most of you still have plenty of good weather left to play some golf in a sweater. Well, maybe not in Texas.

So there is still time to improve upon that area in your game that is a little lacking. Everyone has that piece of their game that is holding you back. Tim’s instruction and The Golfing Machine has worked wonders in my game. I’m writing down more 5’s and 6’s now. That kind of tells you where I was. But since I’m still writing down more than the 3’s and 4’s I want (though I’m seeing them now), what’s holding me back? Putting.

For you it could be your long game off the tee, or your approach shots from 150 yards. You know what your struggles are but just may not know how to address them. Magazines are awesome for pictures and finding out what your next putter might be (which we can fit you for), but for detailed instruction for your swing and style of play, you won’t go wrong by stopping in for a lesson or two so you can improve your scores and enjoy this game even more.

"I really don’t know where to begin other than to say thank you! Tim and Chris took care of me better than I could have expected. That Tour Quality fit as you guys call it, is for real. I went in thinking I wanted some TaylorMade irons, but I left with Srixons with some Nippon shafts. I got better numbers and fell in love with them. Tim dispelled some myths about what I thought I knew about being fit. One of the things I thought for years and heard from other fitters was about swing speed being the factor of what you were fit for. I can’t thank you guys enough!" ~ A.O.

I think I know what myth that was dispelled: Swing speed vs. ball velocity.

We say it a lot, but it bears repeating as often as we can, swing speed is not important. How fast the ball comes off the face is paramount in determining distance. If we fit you into the right head and shaft combination, the rest will take care of itself. Not only on good strikes, but also your not-so-good ones.

If you’re ready to finally get that swing issue fixed or ready to see how we can improve your game through equipment, we’re there for you! Call 817.595.4653 for more information or

If you’re playing with a driver over 5 years old, then the opportunity for us to
add huge distance is on the table. Manufacturers no longer have to compromise
between forgiveness and other performance features. The result of lower spin for instance,
can be added distance and less deviation offline. There’s a win.



Never mind the 39 extra yards, the tee shots were straighter.
Bringing down spin also reduces the amount of deviation in ball flight.
There’s a Driver DNA – ball speed, launch angle, & spin rate. We need to match those when
fitting you for a Driver. How close is your Driver to your Launch DNA now?
Do you have 20 yards or more of performance in the right DNA?
Come and see us. Let’s unlock your potential to thrill.
Is your handicap badly hurt by a pitching game that belongs to a much higher handicap.
So benchmark your performance:
From the 15 – 40 yard range how many shots do you take to hole out on average:
<2.5; <2.75; 3 or less; > 3; shots to hole out?

Low single figure handicaps
To be in this handicap range, from 15 to 40 yards, your average number of shots to hole out should be 2.5 or less.
That’s up and down every other time or better.

High or breaking into single figure handicaps
Too many golfers in this range get their pitch shot onto the green but don’t threaten the 3-foot radius around the hole.
You want to be getting up and down at least one time out of four.

Mid range handicaps (12 – 18)
You can play the pitch shot but with a limited control over the ball and occasional inconsistency of contact.
You average 3 shots to get down. This is an easy area to make handicap gains.

Higher handicaps (> 18)
You average above 3 shots to get down from this distance. You probably hit some shots fat and
others a little thin. Your shots will normally have considerable roll.
Every golfer should develop a technique to average 3 or less with confidence. 

There’s a lot of research that indicates that two-thirds of golfers are playing with a short-game handicap
that is worse than their actual handicap. If you want to shoot lower scores and lower your handicap,
this is an area of the game you should work on. 


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