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Black Friday is here!

Black Friday is here and this year you would not want to miss out on our selected items that will be marked down by 60%.

Also on promotion:

Buy any 2 Ernie Els golf shirts and get 15% off on the purchase.
Buy any 2 shirts at full price and select a 3rd shirt on the sales rail for free (1-30th of November).

Get 10% off on all travel gear.

With Christmas around the corner we will also be wrapping any gifts that is purchased in the shop for free.

Don't forget to spoil yourself this summer with our wonderful ranges!

New arrivals

New Callaway Warbird starter golf sets

For people whom would like to start playing golf or for people who would like to upgrade to something better .

Callaway 5 sleeve packs

Buy a dozen and receive one sleeve for free.

Rhode Island Smarty pants


Get yourself some sun screen in store to protect yourself from sun burn. We have a few different types of sunscreen to suit your needs .

Everyone loves the sun...It lifts your mood, gives you energy and allows the body to synthesise vitamin D, which it needs to absorb calcium. It also promotes melatonin secretion, the well-being hormone. Those are the positive traits. But the flipside of the coin is harsh: exposure to the sun’s radiation has many harmful effects for your skin and general health. A responsible attitude requires a choice of effective sun protection based on the radiation’s intensity and your skin type. Children’s skin needs specific protection that you can read more about here, just like damaged or injured skin whose marks may become more pigmented in the sun.

Contact us for more information on any of our products in store.

Give back and receive more

Trade in your old golf shoes

Until end of November, you can trade-in any old pair of golf shoes, in any condition, and we’ll discount any shoe purchase over R1500 by R300! (Already discounted shoes do not apply. Members discount will not apply to this offer.) All shoes traded in will be donated to golf development.

Offer valid until the end of November, and on all men’s and ladies shoes in stock only.

Hurry down to the Arabella Pro Shop to take advantage of this offer…

Contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Tilt your spine for better drives

Most tour players and better amateurs tilt their spines 3-5 degrees toward their back leg. This sets their head well behind the ball through impact. It allows them to more easily square their clubface and gain distance with a higher launch angle. To get this tilt hold your driver by the grip and place it tightly against your chest and body aligned with your spine. Drop into your golf posture. Tilt toward your back leg. When the bottom of the club makes contact with the inside of your front leg, you'll be in a good tilt.

Hole more putts

Better distance control equals less than 3 putts
During the first three weeks, we have discussed the importance of the correct loft at impact and how crucial it
is to fit a putter to match your technique.
The correct launch off the putter face allows you to improve your control of ball speed on the green.
Get that right and you’ll roll the ball consistently every time.
‘Launch’ is the angle the ball comes off the putter face. Too high or low a launch off the putter face will affect your distance control, dramatically. Lack of consistency will affect your feel and confidence, and that just exaggerates the problem.
Let’s get you closer from further
Do you often feel you made a great stroke yet the result was disappointing? Launch is a vital factor to get
right and can be poor due to your equipment or your technique. Let us help.
Arrange a Putting Assessment now >

Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges

The new Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges deliver ball-stopping spin and control, along with designs that offer you options.
If you haven’t upgraded your wedge set in a while, the Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges and the number of options they offer you greenside should be an inspiration to improve your short game.
Learn more >

Play more golf

Have you played Scramble with friends?
Most golfers, when asked what they look forward to most say: “having some fun with my friends”.
So here’s a suggestion for you. Play a Texas Scramble – if you do want to compete with
each other then play a Scramble Drive.
You all tee off together and then, on all but the Par 3s, choose the best drive and all play your second shot from there. It means you’re together on the tee, all together with your second shot (again on all but the Par 3s), and again on the green. It is a really social format.
Hitting golf shots from the fairway
Sometimes it just doesn’t work for you off the tee. And while we know that improving your short-game is
your quickest route to a lower score, we also know a day hunting for balls in rough and forest,
because of wild tee shots, is the quickest way to a less happy experience. If you struggle off the tee,
then come and see us. Don’t live with a game that has you hunting golf balls
Contact us now >

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