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Have yourself a merry shopping spree

Look good on and off course

Buy any 2 Ernie Els golf shirts and get 15% off on the purchase.
Buy any 2 shirts at full price and select a 3rd shirt on the sales rail for free (1-30th of November).
Buy any pair of shoes and receive 2 pairs of CB socks for free (1-31 of December).

Get 10% off on all travel gear.


Technically speaking

Buy a dozen of Callaway Supersoft for only R400 and receive on sleeve for free, and we will have an on-course promotion on Saterday, 1 December - with a par 3 challenge.

Buy a dozen of Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x for only R600, while stock lastes.
With Christmas around the corner we will also be wrapping any gifts that is purchased in the shop for free.

New arrivals

New Callaway Warbird starter golf sets

For people whom would like to start playing golf or for people who would like to upgrade to something better .

Buy the Warbird starter set for R 9999.

Be equipped and nothing will stand in your way

Callaway Golf’s latest irons are set to blaze a trail through courses around the world as the Warbird gets its long-awaited introduction. Packing amazing distance, performance and forgiveness, the Callaway Golf Warbird Iron set has been designed to offer excellent distance while remaining forgiving through some of the oversized attributes of their head design. Warbird Irons have a performance-driven design which features perimeter weighting to give golfers a higher launch and more distance, plus more stopping power around the greens. For extra forgiveness the irons have a large oversize club head, which creates a larger sweet spot area on the club face, for increased confidence to mid-high handicapper golfers.

The Callaway Golf Warbird Irons Steel 5-SW are a sure-fire way to achieve better scores on the greens, and are available today from Arabella Pro Shop in a full set for only R 9999.

Contact us for more information on any of our products in store.

Tip from the Pro

How to take your alignment from the range to the course

You have been practicing on the range diligently to insure you have proper alignment, but you can't lay the clubs or sticks down you have been practicing with on the ground when you are playing. How do you merge the practice regiment to the course? Pick a spot approximately 2-3 feet in front of your ball that is lined with your target, to align the leading edge of your club to, as you address your ball. Combine this method with your practice regiment for consistency.

The direction of technology

Tracking everything
Most of us think that the advances in golf equipment must come to an end.
Especially as the design of clubs (and golf balls) is now so tightly regulated.
But, we suspect there’s another big change on the horizon. 

The data gathered from launch
monitors blew away some myths,
and opened the eyes of club
designers, fitters, and golf coaches
to what produced the biggest improvements.
Launch angles, spin rates, smash
factors, rise angles, face angles,
angle of attack can now all be
used with different clubs, to
create an exact fit to your
performance in the fitting bay.

But, what’s coming is the capture of your data on every single shot you play. There are already clubs and gadgets that allow the collection of some of the data required to fit you.
As that is filled out and refined, when you come into have a fitting we’ll be able to download your on-course data and know the exact specifications that will help improve your playing performance. 
Experience the impact on your game now
If you haven’t been for a fitting, then we’d encourage you to at least schedule a driver assessment.
With the knowledge we now have about ball flight and what creates the optimum result,
we can often create quite spectacular improvements.

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Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges

The new Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges deliver ball-stopping spin and control, along with designs that offer you options.
If you haven’t upgraded your wedge set in a while, the Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges and the number of options they offer you greenside should be an inspiration to improve your short game.
Learn more >

What motivates you?

The social experience or …
We’re very interested in gaining a better understanding of what’s important to you.
Over the next three weeks, we’d like you to answer a simple question each week.
We won’t store any personal data, indeed you won’t even have to give us your name (unless you want to).
But we will collate the data to gain a better understanding of what we need to improve.
So starting this week: 
Social Competition
Let us know
For you, what is the relative priority of the recreational and social experience vs golf as a sporting competition?
Let us know now.

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