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Tighten up your game

Approach the tee with confidence

We would like to host a Titleist fitting day on Saturday 8th December, but we would need a few golfers that will be attending the day before to make all the arrangements for the event.

If you can volunteer, please contact the Pro Shop!

If you would like to try out the new Titleist TS 2 & 3 Driver and Fairway Woods,
please contact the Pro Shop to give up your name . All of you will enjoy the event as there is a lot to learn about this new driver and different specs that you can change on the driver to help you to hit the ball more consistent and accurately.

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Holiday specials

Go out 2018 in style

Buy any pair of shoes and receive 2 pairs of CB socks for free. (1-31 December).
All you need combo (tees,10 x 2nd Balls and a divot tool all for only R280)
Buy a full priced Anika outfit (shirt+ skirt or short) and save 10% (10-15th of December)
Buy 2 Logo caps on the 16th and receive a divot tool free.

Play with the ball in golf

Buy a dozen of Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x for only R600, while stock lasts.

With Christmas around the corner we will also be wrapping any gifts that is purchased in the shop for free.

New arrivals

Daily sport range


New Callaway Supersoft logo balls

Callaway 200 Laser review

The Callaway 200 is about 20% smaller than the 300 and will easily fit into your pocket if you need to take it with you on the move. It is also just under half the weight at just 110 g which makes this one of the lightest lasers on the market.

It comes in a royal blue plastic cover that has a rough surface on it to ensure you can get a good grip on it in all conditions.

Using the 200 couldn't be simpler as you just point at the target and push the black button. The 6 x magnification uses PAT or Pin Acquisition Technology to lock on to the flag up to 275 yards away with claimed accuracy of +/- 1 yard.

The eyepiece can be rotated to adjust the focus for those whose eyesight is less than 20/20. It also comes with a reasonably robust soft carry case that has a velcro closing top and a karabiner clip and back strap loop on the rear to fasten it to you bag.

We do have stock in store come and test it for yourself.

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Tip of the week

Get connected - Ball between the arms drill

Creating a connection between the turn of your shoulders and swing of your arms promotes a more efficient golf swing with less moving parts. Most amateurs' swings have too many moving parts and as a result develop a great deal of inconsistency. To improve the connection in your swing I recommend The Ball Drill. Find a ball about the size of a slightly deflated volleyball and pinch the ball between both biceps while also having it make contact with your chest. Once the ball is in place, grip the club and begin to make short swings. Gradually work your way up to a full-length swing while swinging slowly. The key to performing the ball drill is that the ball must maintain contact with all three points while you are swinging. The length of your back swing may feel shorter and more restricted. Connecting the motion of the body and arms will eliminate unnecessary moving parts in your golf swing and make it easier to repeat.

The direction of technology

Materials open up your opportunity
Adjustable drivers, while being main-stream, have until now come along with some compromises,
especially with forgiveness.

By using weight strategically, designers have been able to extend the size of the hitting zone.

The leading 2018 drivers not only protect ball speed away from the sweet spot, they protect the launch conditions.

That means, despite a slightly off-centre ball strike, you still get the length of ball flight and distance you expected.

Originally, the weight required for adjustable
hosels reduced the amount of weight available
to the club designer.
That’s not the case anymore. More than enough
weight is available to the designer to allow them
to develop a driver packed with forgiveness.

The adjustable driver improvement 
Now though, new manufacturing processes, new lighter but stronger materials, have provided the designers of adjustable drivers with enough discretionary weight to give you adjustability and forgiveness.
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Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges

The new Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges deliver ball-stopping spin and control, along with designs that offer you options.
If you haven’t upgraded your wedge set in a while, the Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges and the number of options they offer you greenside should be an inspiration to improve your short game.
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What motivates you?

What are you most looking forward to, as you arrive?
We’re trying to gain a better understanding of what’s important to our golfers. Last week we had a simple question relating to social golf vs competitive golf. If you missed it and want to answer,

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This week we want to understand what you look forward to most as you drive to the golf club. Again a simple question. And again, to preserve privacy, your name is optional. So what inspires you?
Let us know
This is just one question. It might make you think though.
Let us know now.
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