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The New Rules: Good or bad?

The new rules have come in for some scrutiny in the professional tournaments around the world over the past couple of weeks. There’s clearly clarification on the rules required in some cases.

Which of the rules is your particular favorite and which one seems the most pointless to you? Let me know what you think?

The USGA and R&A have introduced changes to many of golf's rules to make the game more enjoyable and the rules easier to follow. For more information, including diagrams and videos for each modernized rule, please click here.

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We are not kidding...

You can now use your smart phone to track shots anywhere on the range.
Introducing Toptracer Range: Handheld

Step 1: Download free Toptracer Range Handheld App

Step 2: Follow directions in the app. While the system is finding you on the range please hit a few short wedge shots.

Please come to the golf shop if you have any questions. The system will take a few days to calibrate and “learn” our conditions.

Shafts and myths

It’s not about swing speed
We’ve seen online fitting tools that ask you how far you hit your 5-iron. From there they estimate your swing speed. Then they recommend a shaft flex. What if we told you that two golfers, with the same swing speed, using great club fitters, had to use two wildly different shaft flexes?
The “load” that Nick Price put on the shaft on the downswing was far greater than the much smoother Couples.
Price needed a shaft as stiff as he could get. Fred Couples played a much softer flex. But they had the same swing speed.
By the way, there are no standards for shaft flex.
There is no consistent meaning to “stiff” or “regular”.
Each manufacturer labels the shaft as they wish.
“If you’re losing distance as you get each year older, then it’s really
worth while looking at options to create faster clubhead speed
and a better energy transfer.”
How do you load the shaft?
How does the rhythm and tempo of your swing impact the shaft? Have you ever invested some time in checking what you need in a shaft?
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How good could you be?

Make the most of any practice

Last week, we introduced you to Geoff Colvin.
He has a theory about “Deliberate Practice”.
This isn’t about beating balls until your hands bleed.
It’s about making the most of any time you practice.

Colvin recommends identifying a skill you want to acquire, or particular golf shot you want to master.
There are then two sorts of very deliberate practices on the way to mastering the skill or shot in competition.
Let’s say you’re trying to become a master of the 40-yard pitch-shots that stops quickly.
Block practice
While developing the ability to repeat the movements
that will create a consistently controlled and measured
40-yard pitch shot, you will hit shot after shot,
until you’re comfortable.
Random practice
On the course, you’ll need to play this shot at random.
So create that in practice. Hit different golf shots,
similar in sequence to a real golf game. Tee shot,
approach, short (40 yards) pitch.

Start your journey. We want to help.
Why don’t you give “Deliberate Practice” a try? Start with an Assessment. Let’s agree on a particular skill to be improved. We’ll teach you the correct technique. We’ll give you the practice program. We’ll check in every week with feedback. After two weeks, let’s test your new skill. How good could you be?    
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