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Open House Tomorrow

Golf Simulator Open House – November 10th

With the weather starting to turn, now is a great time to get your winter golf practice/lesson program organized. We have a great facility to take advantage of and keep your golf game in shape during the upcoming winter months. I’ve found that just some routine practice keeps my golf muscles in shape and short game still sharp.

The indoor center at Glen View Club has two hitting bays with video and is a great way to work on possible swing changes in a controlled environment without the visual effect of ball flight. With our TrackMan unit and our golf simulator, you can still see what your ball flight would look like.

Many members have asked about the equipment downstairs and how to use it. To make it easier, Chris Green and I will be holding an Open House on Saturday, November 10th from 8-11am in the Pro Shop Basement to walk everyone through how to use the equipment and see all of the options that members have available. You will also be able to get your winter lesson program set up that day as well.

Kjus Ski & Lifestyle Trunk Show

Join us on Saturday, November 17th from 1-6pm to see the latest in Kjus ski and lifestyle apparel.

This will be the only opportunity for us to order items from the Kjus ski line and all items ordered will be here in time for the holidays.

The Pro Shop is ready for you

Just a friendly reminder that all of the Pro Shop Credit must be used up by Christmas. Credit notices were mailed out to members with a balance of $20 or more.

The Pro Shop is fully stocked for the Fall and we just received shipments from Tasc, Peter Millar, and Straight Down within the past couple weeks.

Take advantage of our Buy, 1 Get 1 Free sale on all in-stock golf shirts and shorts.

Get a fast start on every hole

Watch now

TS is Titleist Speed.
The total redesign of a driver to deliver speed that matters to you

We just received all of the new TS2 and TS3 driver and fairway wood heads for our fitting cart.

If you are looking to gain distance and overall performance in YOUR game, schedule a fitting by contacting the Pro Shop.

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Expertise available to you

The “Gear Effect” on you
Last week we talked about the impact of different strike zones on the spin rate
and therefore distance of your tee shots. We mentioned the “Gear Effect”.
Here’s how “Gear Effect” works. If you strike the ball on the sweet spot, then you won’t experience any effect. Hitting above the sweet spot reduces backspin.

If you strike the club face slightly above the sweet spot, the club will twist backward around the Center of Gravity. The “Gear Effect”’ is that it will produce the opposite effect on the ball; adding topspin, which reduces the amount of backspin on the ball.

The diagram on the right, highlights why this is known as the “Gear Effect”. As the large gear rotates anti-clockwise, it sends the small gear clockwise.
Reducing the spin rate on the tee shots of most of our golfers by just 400rpm would unlock 10 – 15 extra yards.

Book your tee shot evaluation
Reach out now and let’s see whether a quick evaluation might unlock a lot of extra distance WITHOUT you having to make an equipment purchase.
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Titleist TS Drivers

Technology going to new heights and faster speeds
The crown, face, chassis, head shape, weight distribution, have all been redesigned to increase speed across the whole face while protecting launch conditions. The extra speed is combined with lower spin rates to create a longer carry.
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What motivates you?

What are you most looking forward to, as you arrive?
We’re trying to gain a better understanding of what’s important to our golfers. Last week we had a simple question relating to social golf vs competitive golf. If you missed it and want to answer,

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This week we want to understand what you look forward to most as you drive to the golf club. Again a simple question. And again, to preserve privacy, your name is optional. So what inspires you?
Let us know
This is just one question. It might make you think though.
Let us know now.
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