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Golf simulator update

The golf simulator located in the basement of the Pro Shop has had an increase in usage this year when compared to the past couple of seasons. I hope that everyone who has used it has enjoyed their experience. I would like to remind everyone that since the basement is not staffed, it would be greatly appreciated if each member could leave the area cleaned up for the next member to use.

The pictures below were taken last week by a member when they arrived to use the simulator. In addition, we are in the process of ordering a new white screen since the current one now has a hole in it. Once we receive the new screen, we will replace it immediately. Thank you for your cooperation and I hope that you enjoy using the simulator for the next couple months before we are back outside on the driving range in April.

Titleist is rewarding you for your loyalty!

I know that it's hard to believe, but it's that time of year for the Titleist Loyalty Rewarded Promotion. This is always a great email to send out because it signals that the golf season is not that far away! Titleist is offering their Pro V1, Pro V1X, and AVX golf ball promotion, where you Buy 3 Dozen and Get 1 Dozen Free. This is a great way to stock up for the upcoming season and get your golf ball personalized for free. To take advantage of this offer and have your golf balls in the initial shipment, please reply back to this email.

As a member of the Titleist Leadership Advisory Staff, I am able to submit orders two weeks early, starting on March 1st. These initial orders will be delivered by April 1st and the golf balls will be placed in your locker and ready for the upcoming season. All orders taken after March 1st will be sent in on a weekly basis until the final order date of
April 22nd. The two options that are available this year are listed below. In addition, anyone who wishes to get yellow golf balls may do so under both options.

Option #1

Free personalization (Imprint only; logos not available under this promotion)

All dozens to be the same ball type and personalization must be the same imprint and color.
Available ink colors include: black, blue, red, green and pink.
Available in both low numbers (1 to 4) and high numbers (5 to 8)

Option #2

Same play number ($2 upcharge/dozen applies)

Consumer may elect to have the same play number for all dozens.
#'s can be 1-9 and double digit play numbers 00 &10 - 99.
The double digit number will be the same on all 4 dozen.
All dozens to be the same ball type and personalization must be the same imprint and color.
Available ink colors include: black, blue, red, green and pink.

For all orders, please specify the following information:

Ball Type: Pro V1, Pro V1X, or AVX

Personalization: Up to 3 lines of text, maximum of 17 characters per line. All dozens will have the same imprint.

Ink Color: Black, Blue, Green, Red, or Pink

Play #: 1-4, 5-8, Single Number 1-9, Double Digit Number 00, 10-99

All golf balls ordered will be white, unless you specify that you would prefer yellow golf balls.

I'm looking forward to a great 2019 golf season and am excited to see everyone back out at the club in a couple of months!

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Your fitting survey

The most difficult club
We’d like you to give us 3 minutes of your time to complete a survey that will allow us to provide you with a better and more personal service. With your individual responses, we get a much better idea of how
we can help you. This is a win-win survey.
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Technique, head design, and fitting can either make this a tremendous club to carry and use; or a club not worth its weight in the bag. Where are you when it comes to your fairway woods?
Fill in your survey
That’s why we’d like you to complete this survey and let us know what’s most important to you and your playing experience.
Make it a winner
The fairway wood can change your result on any hole: a great recovery club and a great club to set up an unexpected opportunity.
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Adding speed

The 1, 2, 4 rule
Last week we told you that just one extra mph with your driver’s clubhead speed at impact, will probably translate into two extra mph of ball speed, and four extra yards of distance. That means that adding just five extra mph – if you’re over 45 then you’ve probably lost that in the last decade – gets you from here to there.
There are multiple ways to generate that extra five mph. Why not invest in them all.

Plan to add speed in 2019
Every one of you can invest a little in each of those three areas. If you do, then I’d be surprised if most of you aren’t adding 30 and 40 yards plus to your tee shots.
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