Pro Shop opens next week

Golf season is starting

The Pro Shop will open up next week on Tuesday, April 2nd
We will start getting the shop ready for the Club Opening on April 5th. 
The hours of operation for the month of April will be Tuesday through Sunday 8am to 6pm.


Go to Will Johnson for recording his first Hole-In-One on the 15th hole at Pasatiempo in California. 

He scored the ace with a pitching wedge from 130 yards.

Well played Will!

Time to stock up

  Titleist is offering their Pro V1, Pro V1X, and AVX golf ball promotion, where you Buy 3 Dozen and Get 1 Dozen Free. This is a great way to stock up for the upcoming season and get your golf ball personalized for free. To take advantage of this offer and have your golf balls in the initial shipment, please reply back to this email.

Final order date of
April 22nd.

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Our signature event

The TWA Days Invitational dates have been announced for July 18-20, 2019.

Our traditional format will continue: a five-match round robin event within each flight, followed by a four-hole medal play competition among the flight winners, and the “wild card” teams to determine the overall tournament champion.

Click here to read all the details.

The Twa Days Invitational will be the highlight of the season at Glen View Club and we hope that you are able to participate. It will provide a wonderful opportunity to show your guest our fabulous Club, while sharing in competition and camaraderie with friends. We look forward to your participation. If you have any questions, please

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Feel the thrill

Two steps to the ride of your life
Generating longer distance from the tee with a perfect strike is made a lot easier if you’re playing with two components fitted for your tee shot.

The shaft flex and the way the shaft performs needs to match both your clubhead speed and how you “load” the shaft. Do you have an even tempo or do you start back aggressively?
The clubhead design needs to work with your swing speed and strike pattern to transfer your clubhead speed into the maximum ball speed on the best trajectory with the optimum spin rate.
Center of Gravity location
CoG location has a much greater impact on launch angle and spin rate than golfers imagine.
Hitting zone size and location
This is an obvious search for golfers. Some drivers are designed to better accommodate certain strike patterns.
Loft is again an obvious selection criteria, but it’s a selection that needs to take into account the shaft and CoG location.
We’re delivering thrills
Creating the perfect match of ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate, maximises the distance you’ll get off the tee. A change of just 1° and 500rpm can unlock 20 yards. How much potential can we unlock for you? Act now.
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The Par 3 Advantage

Knowing how to use hybrids
The hybrid was invented to provide regular golfers with distance and consistency with longer shots. More forgiving and easier to use.
 But we’ve picked up a lot of uncertainty amongst golfers on how to use hybrids. From the fairway, is it played like an iron or a fairway wood? And, is it the same when you tee up the ball?
You’ll find a lot of Par 3’s that are in the long iron/hybrid distance area. It’s deliberate. On at least one or more of the holes the course designer wants to test the longer end of your approach-shot-bag. Make your hybrids your favorite clubs by learning how to use a hybrid from the tee and the fairway. It changes the game.
Make Par 3 improvement a priority
Technique matters. It helps to make your playing experience as enjoyable as possible. Golf becomes more fun. Be proud of your technique. Be as good as you can be.
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