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Improve your course management

You’ll be faced with a course management challenge on all approach shots,
not just Par 3’s. Try playing a round where you take a ‘safety first’ approach to every shot.
Check out your score. Is it an improvement if you play within yourself?
Course management is an important part of your game; if you’d be interested
in an accompanied round to help with your course management,

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9-Hole Playing Lessons are now available with Rick Krebs.

You can practice all you want on the Range,
but until you actually get out onto the course you are not really "playing" golf.

The easiest way to improve is still out on the course.

Book a 9-Hole Playing Lesson with Rick and start improving now!

Don't go dormant this winter

It is a great time of the year for all-round improvement.
Find out what is holding you back from playing a better golf game with our New Student Assessment.

  Sign up for a 60-minute full swing analysis, short game and putting analysis, and recommended coaching plan.

These take place all through fall and when spring rolls around you will be READY with your new game!

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Choose THE 1 in a 1,000

Hit the sweet spot

Golf is a simple game actually. The swing is a circle. It returns a relatively large clubhead to a ball that hasn’t moved.
And when you hit the sweet spot, it’s a great feeling.
How easy is it to find the sweet spot if the heel of your club is making contact with the turf and the toe is raised?
Which way is the club face pointing if you do find the sweet spot?
Would this be a great swing spoiled by a lie angle that was too upright?

Many manufacturers today are building ‘standard’ clubs with very upright lie angles. They think that compensates for an over-the-top swing. But do you have such a swing? And how much over-the-top is it?


We want you to hit more great shots
Let us help you hit more great shots. Let us check out your lie angles.
Get that right, and you’ll be amazed at how much more accurate you are.
This applies to all golfers. Why waste a great swing?
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Your wedge and ball flight 

Getting technical

Being able to play 50yd wedge approach shots on a slightly lower trajectory with good spin,
will add control to your short game. It will help you hit shots closer.

So how do you create spin with your wedge?
You learn to control “SpinLoft”. SpinLoft equals your dynamic loft (the loft of the face at impact) MINUS your angle of attack.
There is a range for maximum spin – between 40 ° and 50°.

So an attack angle of -4° with a dynamic loft of 38° will create a spin loft of 42°.
That’s a good number and, providing you’re playing with a premium ball,
a clean and dry wedge with sharp grooves, and making solid contact, you’ll create real stopping power.

So why use a steep angle of attack to create a higher spin loft?

Above about 50° of spin loft, spin starts to be reduced!
That’s a startling discovery, isn’t it? If the spin loft is too high, it seems the ball slides up the face of the wedge without friction, creating enough spin. 

Come and learn to control ball flight 
Being able to shoot the ball in with a slightly lower trajectory and
the spin to check the ball quickly, makes distance control so much easier.
Come and learn how to play this shot.

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