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Don't wait until the end of the school year to start your plans for the summer.
The junior camps at Rob Noel Golf Academy book up long before then - so start getting these scheduled now.
Cypress Lakes
Time: 8:30 am - 12 pm
$275 per student
  Money Hill
Time: 9 am - 12 pm
$275 per student
Ages: 5 - 12
June 4-7
July 9-12
  Ages: 10 - 17
June 11-14
July 16-19
  Ages: 4-16
June 18-21
July 9-12

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A shout-out for Logan!

Congratulations to RNGA student Logan Heltz, for winning the USSSA event in the Boys 9 - 11 division.

More success for RNGA students

Way to go Carter Nicholson for signing up with Loyola

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The benefits of balance

"Golfers strive for distance and accuracy on longer shots and for pinpoint control on approach shots to the green. Without good balance, you cannot achieve any of these objectives on a consistent basis. A balanced swing allows you to have better control of the club and deliver it squarely to the ball, ensuring accuracy. Generating the clubhead speed necessary to maximize power also requires good balance." ~ By Brian Hill in Golfweek

Our juniors working on balance at RNGA

If this is something you struggle with please don't hesitate to ask us.

Testimonial Tuesday


"Coach Nic has been an important part of our son's life for the past seven years. He has coached our son, J.P. since he first started golf in fifth grade. From the Academy to private lessons, Coach Nic has taught him valuable skills and techniques to improve his golf. They work on putting, chipping, swing plane, course management, and even attitude, to name a few. Coach Nic has also worked on J.P.'s mental game, which is an important part of learning the game. J.P. has learned life lessons from Coach Nic on how to handle adversity when a tournament doesn't go as well as you planned and how to handle success and be humble. J.P. looks up to Nic as a coach and as a mentor, and we could not be more appreciative of the personal interest Nic takes with his students. We would highly recommend Coach Nic to any parent who wants their young golfer to learn valuable golf skills and who want their child to enjoy and love the game of golf. Nic values each student and wants each student to succeed. Sadly, J.P. is graduating this year, but Coach Nic will always hold a special place in our family's heart for all the years he has coached and mentored him. We couldn't have asked for a better coach." ~ Stacey Preston

Please continue to send in your success stories - we love to hear from you.

Shafts and myths

Worry about the profile of the shaft
We’ve heard it said that only the best golfers should worry about the profile of the shaft.
Wrong. Busted. This is easily as important as shaft flex for everyone.
Indeed it’s especially important for the less experienced.
Many of the less experienced “cast” on
the downswing; extending and releasing early. 
These golfers will find it easier to make square,
solid contact, if their shaft has a soft tip.
That is, it flexes more at the end of the clubhead,
rather than the butt-end.
A golfer who releases late will put a
lot of load on the shaft.
To ensure maximum distance and a tighter dispersion,
this golfer needs a shaft with a stiff tip.
Remember the shaft “controls and manages” the
transfer of energy through the clubhead.
“If you’re losing distance as you get older each year, then it’s really
worthwhile looking at options to create faster clubhead speed
and a better energy transfer.”
How do you load the shaft?
How does the rhythm and tempo of your swing impact on the shaft? Have you ever invested some time in checking what you need in a shaft?
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How good could you be?

A reason to stay connected
This might be one of the most compelling reasons to practice together with at least one friend.
If you’ve set out on a “Deliberate Practice Plan” to acquire a new skill or master a particular shot, then you need feedback. Get someone to video your swing. Now you can observe your setup, swing, and focus on the new movement you’re after. We might think we’re making a full shoulder turn, but what does the evidence show us.
You need someone to share a drink with
Getting friends to practice, provides the opportunity for fun competition, feedback, and a shared experience afterward. We’d be happy to help make your sessions as productive as possible with some extra advice and feedback.
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