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Is putting holding your game back?

AimPoint Green Reading is more than just the World's #1 Green Reading system, it's a putting solution that integrates Read, Speed, and Aim. Tour players, amateurs, and juniors in over 40 countries have turned to AimPoint as the way to lower scores.
Don't let putting be a mystery anymore, understand break, speed, and aim quickly and learn what it feels like to have complete confidence over any putt.

Join us at RNGA Money Hill Location for our AimPoint Clinics

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  March 20th
Aimpoint Express Green Reading
4-6 pm
Instructor: Rob Noel
Cost: $175
  March 30th
Aimpoint Read and Speed
1-3 pm
Instructor: Rob Noel
Cost: $175

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Operation 36 Tournament


Juniors join us for this fun event!

This Saturday, March 9th at 3:30pm

$20 for cart rental.

Please let Coach Nic know if you are participating.

There will be no Junior Ignition nor Ignition classes that day.


To Grady Brame Jr. for qualifying for the Canadian Tour.

This is a big deal and we are very proud of you!

Get your kids outdoors this summer!

Don't wait until the end of the school year to start your plans for the summer.

The junior camps at Rob Noel Golf Academy book up long before then - so start signing up for these now.

Money Hill location only
Time: 9 am - 12 pm
$275 per student

Ages: 4 - 16
June 18-21
July 9-12

For more information click here.

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Testimonial Tuesday

"Our transition to Coach Nic was easy. Nic has made Braxton feel like he's worked with him for years. Nic's instructions and fundamentals have Braxton becoming a more disciplined and focused golfer. Nic compliments Braxton, and corrects and instructs him where necessary. This makes me thankful for Nic as his coach." ~ BJ Patterson

Please continue to send in your success stories - we love to hear from you.

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Your fitting survey

What’s important to you, counts
We’d like your help to ensure we continue to offer you a better and more personal service. And with your individual responses, we get a much better idea of how we can help you. That’s a win-win survey.
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It seems if you watch the adverts, that everything about the driver is now related to “speed”. Faster clubhead speed. Faster ball speeds, wherever on the face you make contact with the ball.
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That’s why we’d like you to complete this survey and let us know what’s most important to you and your playing experience.
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The Par 3 Advantage

Become a master of the Par 3s
Just 160 yards from the flag.  You can place the ball on a tee, creating the perfect lie. This is an opportunity to put a low number on your card. For many, it’s the chance for a net birdie. So what goes wrong?
 We see four very common challenges. If you suffer from these, then they’re easy to overcome.

Club selection Ball position
Most of you choose a club which, if struck perfectly,
gets to the flag. As a minimum choose a club which,
if hit perfectly, gets you to the back of the green.
We see a lot of golfers tee the ball up
awfully high when using an iron. You should be 
trying to create the perfect lie.
Game management Technique
Put the ball in the fat of the green
away from trouble, and you have more
room for error. Don’t go flag hunting
when the risk of a 5 or worse is staring at you.
We still see a lot of long irons in bags.
They’re tough to hit consistently. But many of those
who’ve converted to hybrids have never had
a lesson to learn the technique with this club.

Make Par 3 improvement a priority
What improvement would make a difference to your Par 3 scorecard?
We want to help make you a Par 3 Master.
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