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Everybody wins with AimPoint

After going through the AimPoint Green Reading education, you will never again have to guess at how much a putt breaks. Any putt!

Learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt, all based on gravity.

To be a winner join us for our Aimpoint Read and Speed Cllinics:
April 17th

4-6 pm
$175 per person

May 4th

3-5 pm
$175 per person

Book now and never have to guess again.

What are the kids doing?

If they really like being with friends and socializing - why not get them into golf?
A lifetime of excercise and friends!
Sign up for our summer camps before the fill up.
Time: 9 am - 12 pm
$275 per student

Ages: 4 - 16
June 18-21
July 9-12

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Masters winners

From Junior Champions Academy

Elite: Reese Drezins   Jr. Elite: Seth Gardiner
Ignition: Callie Gremilion   Jr. Ignition: Braxton Patterson

What meal would you want for your Masters dinner?

Enjoy these two short videos of the juniors' answers...



To the Christ Episcopal Boys Golf Team!
They won their 1st. District Title in school history!


Testimonial Tuesday

"Michael has not only provided me with an instructional program that has resulted in continued progress but also a clear understanding of the golf swing. If it weren't for his instruction and guidance over the past 3 years, I would have given up my pursuit to become a better golfer." ~

Where can we help improve your game?
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The new studio

Your new home for Fitting and Coaching

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Everyone wants forgiveness

"Game Improvement" means exactly that
Most golfers who have an 8 – 15 handicap are fairly good ball strikers. If that’s you, then our guess is your approach shots can be frustrating. Sometimes you’re all over the flag. Other times you’re short and possibly right. Take advantage of technology to improve your consistency.
 If you’re in the 10 – 18 handicap range then you should be looking for a model that brings you more greens hit with your #8, #7 and #6 irons. Consistency from this range lowers your score and drops your handicap. It also makes the game a lot more rewarding.

Improve your approach shots
Remember that inconsistency of ball striking can be (and often is) a consequence of irons that have the wrong lie angle/shaft length for you. Get that right, with some technology that improves the consistency of strike, and this becomes a great game.
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The best for you

Don’t settle for what you have 
There’s a famous saying from Dr. Bob Rotella:
Great advice for when you’re on the golf course in competition.
But for most golfers, the implication of that is “most longer clubs stay in the bag forever”.  
Most golfers struggle with consistency when using fairway woods, hybrids, longer irons,
and sometimes even mid-irons, so how do you apply this advice?
Do most of these clubs remain unused in the bag forever?
We have some sports psychology for you:
Get a better experience
By increasing the length of club that you can hit consistently from the fairway, you change your golf game. Escape from difficult positions becomes easier. Setting up opportunity becomes easier. Both of those lead to a better playing experience.
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