Add a new golf shot to your arsenal

The young guns are all over the major golf tours now. They’re lithe, strong, and can hit the golf ball a long, long way. But in recent weeks two of the older members of the PGA Tour have reminded us that to be at the top you need to be able to play all sorts of shots.

First, Phil Mickelson at the Genesis Open plays a flop shot over the grandstand. We agree with Nick Faldo’s comment. Good job for not taking too long, Phil.

Then Tiger Woods rolled back the years with an amazing fairway bunker shot. No words needed.

Is there a golf shot you would like to learn how to play? Contact us.

Feel the thrill

The sweet spot matters
One of the best feelings in golf is when you make contact out of the “hitting zone” with your driver. It’s an exquisite moment. There’s satisfaction in watching the ball speeding down the fairway.
It’s not easy though. You’re swinging the club with the longest shaft.  The ball might be teed up, but it’s going to be over 40 inches away from where your hands are gripping the club.  It used to be you had to find the sweet spot in a much smaller head. Now the head and face are larger,  and the manufacturers work to extend the hitting zone.
We’re delivering thrills
Our passion is helping you experience the thrill of contact out of the hitting zone. If you’re looking for more thrills, come and spend 30 minutes with us.
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The Par 3 Advantage

Become a master of the Par 3s
Just 160 yards from the flag.  You can place the ball on a tee, creating the perfect lie. This is an opportunity to put a low number on your card. For many, it’s the chance for a net birdie. So what goes wrong?
 We see four very common challenges. If you suffer from these, then they’re easy to overcome.
Club selection
Most of you choose a club which, if struck perfectly, gets to the flag. As a minimum choose a club which, if hit perfectly, gets you to the back of the green.
Ball position
We see a lot of golfers tee the ball up awfully high when using an iron. You should be trying to create the perfect lie.
Game management
Put the ball in the fat of the green away from trouble, and you have more room for error. Don’t go flag hunting when the risk of a 5 or worse is staring at you.
We still see a lot of long irons in bags. They’re tough to hit consistently. But many of those who’ve converted to hybrids have never had a lesson to learn the technique with this club.
Make Par 3 improvement a priority
What improvement would make a difference to your Par 3 scorecard?
We want to help make you a Par 3 Master.
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