Be inspired by the Masters this week!

Here we are. Prepare to be inspired by the Masters. Enjoy the entertainment. Gorge on golf. But then, next week get out there. Bring that inspiration to your golf game. Whether it's learning, practicing, or playing, enjoy the greatest game on the planet.

The big idea in 2019

Softer, faster, straighter
We have to laugh when industry experts talk about dialing the golf ball back so that the game becomes more of a challenge. Hands up those who want the game to be more challenging. We’re betting that there wasn’t many of you.
When the history of the development of the golf ball is updated then 2015 – 2018 will be all about lower compression. During that period designers found ways to make golf balls softer while still retaining the traditional performance characteristics.
However, 2019 represents the start of a new golden age for golfers. Without losing the softer feel,  the early brand releases all reflect the manufacturers’ passion for added speed and longer distance.
Continuing advances in the core (graduating the softness; dual-cores) is allowing the compression to remain low, but the COR to be increased. We’ve noticed the ball “exploding” off the face with some of the new releases.
The covers are also becoming more and more proprietary as each manufacturer seeks to create differentiation. In some of the new golf balls, the changes add both speed and durability.
“If you don’t lose many golf balls, then durability becomes more important. You don’t want a spin-ripping wedge shot to damage the cover. If you lose golf balls, then durability is not as important as finding a golf ball that doesn’t veer offline as much (lower spinning)."
 You are not Dustin Johnson
Playing the golf ball your Tour hero plays makes no sense. They have a swing characteristic and consistency that is likely very different to yours. So, while you’re having an assessment or some coaching invest some time with us in matching your swing characteristics to a golf ball that helps your game on every hole you play.
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The best for you

An improvement changing your game

If you want to go from experiencing an average golf game to a better golf game, where you take more frustration-free walks down fairways and then step with an excited bounce towards a green full of opportunity after a sweet approach shot:

Then often a small change, from steering the golf ball to releasing the clubhead through the golf ball, results in:
Certainly extra distance. More than you might imagine. A surprise to everyone you play with. 
Definitely straighter tee shots and approach shots. More fairways from the tee. More greens on approach.
More solid, more consistent ball striking. More satisfaction at the end of every round.
Forget winning. Forget trophies. Hitting better golf shots makes the whole world a better, happier place. Golf should be the therapy for life!
Get a better experience
What would cause you to smile more often on the golf course? What would give you cause for celebration? If “greater consistency” of ball striking will help deliver a smile or celebration,
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