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A million dollar game?

Well, Thanksgiving is upon us, and there’s a little event going on this Friday on Pay-per-View. Something about Tiger and Phil playing for millions of dollars (Which I don’t believe it’s their own money, except for side bets)? Are you going to pay the $20 and watch it? Let us know if you did! I will be the first to tell you; I paid the money. Why? One, I am that golf-addicted, and two my in-laws are coming, and I’ll need a place to hide for a while.

This weekend we had a guy who just joined the Titleist staff four weeks ago looking for a change from his PXG’s. Charles Howell III put the new TS3 driver, TS2 fairway woods, a combination set 718-MB irons, AP2’s and CB irons, some SM7 Vokey wedges AND the soon to be released ProV1 ball…and wins: For the first time in 11 years.

I know what you’re thinking. He’s a pro and can use anything he wants. And you’re right. He’s made almost $37 Million in earnings over 18 years. He’s not hurting for cash. But there’s something about a trophy and the fact you’re playing for your job every year. But when the ONLY change you make is your equipment and on the fourth go around with it you win with it; it has to mean something.

Pros don’t usually change equipment unless a contract is up and they feel a change is going to make them better. In this case, both happened. He’s known on the golf blogs as an equipment junkie. He’s not afraid to make a change if it’s something that’s going to help him. And that’s how he ended up with Titleist. And I’d say it paid off.

Questions from you...

I was recently asked what my goals were for this coming year. Aside from the fact, we need to get through winter first, last year’s goal was to limit the three-putting. For the most part, I did that. I think I’ll have to keep working on that one. However, with the impending arrival of my new PING bag, I have decided to put three fairway woods in my bag and commit myself to working on my long game and steer away from draw weighted woods.

That last one was not my idea. Mr. Brantley stated, and I quote, “You don’t need those anymore. Trust your swing. You’re hitting everything left now.” Old habits die hard, I guess. And I discovered that I like a lower flight now, entirely by accident. Maybe Tim will get me a 9.5-degree driver, and I’ll crank it up to 10 degrees? I’m sure it will take some convincing. But one thing is for sure when your swing gets better you realize that you can grow up a bit in what you do and how you play. While I still stick to wanting to have as much fun on the course, we can do more with our games and be more confident in our abilities.

So, I ask you, what are your goals?

Are they attainable?

Are they a laundry list, or can they fit on a sticky note? Whatever they are, we can help you achieve them with a lesson package. Get a jump on your 2019 season by getting started at the end of 2018.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of the staff of The Golf Station, have a Happy Thanksgiving, watch some golf and Go Cowboys!

Oh, we’re open regular hours on Black Friday! Come in for some special deals that we reserve for just this one day!

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If I told you that the impact on accuracy is far greater on a shorter iron than a longer iron,
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Put a #4 iron on the ground. Raise the toe. Now imagine a straight line squarely leaving the sweet spot. Notice how its going left of target. Now do the same with a #9 Iron and check the line leaving the sweet spot. Whoa. Much further left.

You’ve made a great swing but, if the lie angle on your #9 iron is 2° too upright, then you’re going 15 feet left of your target. What is often 15 feet left of target when you’re aiming at the green? Too right? Sand, rough, or even water. A great swing spoiled.
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Your wedge and ball flight

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Most golfers think that the way to create more spin with their wedges, is to hit it higher. Last week we explained that the key to creating more spin is spin loft. If you missed that article, click here.


There are a variety of reasons why an exaggerated angle of attack will NOT create more spin on the ball.

We’ve learned so much from studying launch monitor data. We now know exactly how to help you hit lower,
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