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Welcome to 2019! 

A new year that’s hopefully full of promise and lots of birdies.
Many of us would just take par and run, including yours truly. If I could shoot 72 on my home course, I’d hold the biggest catered barbeque you’d ever see! Pecan Lodge, I’m looking directly at you.

Old irons

We had some folks over the holidays come in with old irons to get them replaced with some new technology and one of my friends here had old irons.  Key in on the word “had.”  A pastor friend of mine who works as a military missionary at Quantico Marine Corps Station, decided to go play.  We got a single day with no rain with a balmy temperature of 65 degrees.  He put his irons in the cart and I looked at them and him. Ya’ll, these irons were old. They were so old I had to look them up when I got home: 1975 Ben Hogan Producer Irons. They were well loved. They needed grips (badly), the shafts were dented, the forgings were beaten up with nicks and the grooves were gone. My friend can play, but his irons were literally hindering his game. Afterwards when we arrived at my house, I asked him if he considered new irons. “Being a pastor doesn’t always lend itself to a lot of new things,” he said. “Fair enough,” I said. “Go inside and say ‘Hi’ to the Boss.

He walked into the house to say hello to my wife, I stayed in the garage and in the 3 minutes he was gone, I outfitted his beat up stand bag with Yonex Tri-G Irons, KZG hybrids and forged wedges and enough golf balls and tees to choke an elephant. When he returned he was stunned and very appreciative. He went out the next day and said they were like jumping from a rowboat to a yacht. He gained distance and turned back the clock with lightweight stiff graphite iron shafts and a sweet spot much larger than the irons he had. He promised he would go get fit when spring arrives, but on his first round out, he shot an 82 with irons that weren’t fit for him, but they were close. Oh by the way, did I mention to get fit?  But technology was needed to help him get back to the performance he was used to in his 40’s, some 20 years ago. Was I supposed to mention that?

So what’s the point of this story?  There are times when we can do something for someone when they can’t do it for themselves. All my pastor friend wanted to do was to play golf and take a respite from a busy and demanding job. It’s his outlet, but his equipment was pretty old and he couldn’t replace it. I couldn’t stand to see that. If you know of an organization like a First Tee, Veterans Golf Association, or another worthy organization, they are there to help introduce the game to beginners.  They can always use donations to teach the game to those who would otherwise not be exposed to it or even think it was an option to them. You could literally change someone’s life, or possibly even save it.

Back to old irons…

There are many people that will hang on to an iron set for YEARS.  And I understand you may be hanging on to a set that your grandfather used in the 1960’s for sentimental reasons. But if you’re actively playing a set that’s even three or four years old, you’re sacrificing parts of your game that a technology boost can give you. We had a PGA Tour Pro come in last year for a fitting and his irons were over nine years old. Yes, irons he was using to feed his family and pay his mortgage. I can still hardly believe it. His bag is constructed to make the most of his skills and he changes it depending on where he plays and no one tells him what he has to play.

If you’ve got some “well loved” irons that you’re settling for and definitely if they’re beginning to let you down, please click here or call 817.595.4653 for an appointment to have your bag first evaluated then we’ll put you through a fitting that will show you what you’ve been missing. If it’s down to just equipment, we can make your game better! Trust a true golf geek:  It’s time to move on and improve your game

And if you have any questions, please let me know at

Feel the thrill

The sweet spot matters
One of the best feelings in golf is when you make contact out of the “hitting zone” with your driver.
It’s an exquisite moment. There’s satisfaction in watching the ball speeding down the fairway.
It’s not easy though. You’re swinging the club with the longest shaft.
The ball might be teed up, but it’s going to be over 40 inches away from where your hands are gripping the club. It used to be you had to find the sweet spot in a much smaller head. Now the head and face are larger,
and the manufacturers work to extend the hitting zone.
We’re delivering thrills
Our passion is helping you experience the thrill of contact out of the hitting zone.
If you’re looking for more thrills, come and spend 30 minutes with us.
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Playing the wind

“When it’s breezy, swing easy”

When we set up on that tee on a long par 4, playing into the wind, there’s almost a natural inclination to swing harder, even lunge at the ball. Be careful, as counter-intuitive as it is, you might be making a tough situation worse.

Increasing clubhead speed will put additional spin on the ball Backspin creates lift, and that’s exaggerated into the wind.
The ball climbs and dies.
In an effort to swing hard at the ball,
many golfers change their angle of
attack and create even more spin.
The saying goes “when it’s breezy, swing easy”.
When we say “swing easy”, we don’t want you
reducing your shoulder turn and just using the arms.
Fully rotate your upper body, but possibly feel a little
less aggressive with your arms.
This also helps with consistency
Whether you’re going to play in the wind or not, if you want to add consistency to your ball striking,
practice a good swing tempo. With your driver, at the range, practice with the “full shoulder turn, swing easy” thought.
Do you lose any distance? Do you actually gain distance? If we can help
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