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New equipment already?

As we prepare to depart for the PGA Merchandise Show, I’ve been reading the blogs I’m a member of.

Every year it’s the same thing: “I can’t believe [Your favorite company] is replacing [Fill in the blank]! All they want is money! Plus, it’s ugly!

They’re getting upset over a club that they’ve only seen pictures of, heard rumors about and have never hit. And I understand, you have to like what you’re looking at, but come on!

Number one, yes. They do. It’s a business. Number two, if it’s not going to be better (even a little bit), then why come out with it? That’s why these companies exist in many ways. They want to part you with your hard-earned disposable income.  But keep in mind, their newest offering might not work for you. I know it’s crazy, but it happens. Plus it’s your money. If you don’t want to spend it, don’t. No one is going to get upset.

But these companies are all vying for your attention. Colors, shapes, and functionality are all looking to impress you.  Maybe they’ll make a splash signing of your favorite player to entice you to play a brand. And sometimes it works. And I get it; if you made a purchase of a club or iron set last year and this year it’s “new and improved”, it can tend to make you upset that you spent $ 1,000 or more on clubs just to be told they’re old news.

Here’s a newsflash: If your clubs are correctly fit, undamaged and maybe only a couple of years old, they’re probably fine.  There, I said it. Can we check them over, upgrade them with a bag evaluation? Absolutely. But you don’t have to rush out and get the latest and greatest if you don’t want to. But if that’s your thing, we’ll be happy to help!

New year. New equipment!

This is the time of year that companies are firing out pictures and information about their new gear. Callaway’s Epic Flash Driver, Fairways, New Apex Irons, PM Wedges and even new golf balls for mere mortals like a lot of us. And if we’re not too overwhelmed with classes and meetings, I’ll be snapping pictures and posting them to Facebook for you to enjoy.

Make the pain go away

"I’ve played steel shafts in my irons for over 30 years (I’ve been playing since I was 10).  My muscles and joints are starting to fight back.  I guess I’m saying I need to think about graphite shafts, but never had any luck with them. Please set my mind at ease.  Being in pain stinks." ~ M.Q.

I feel that pain. That’s why I switched in 2008. The pain would go up my arms, through my back and down my legs. I was done playing at the turn. Graphite is not the same as it was even five years ago. It’s durable, yet flexible. It can give you almost unlimited bend profiles and come as light as 45 grams or as heavy as 130 grams. Honestly, it’s not the same as in the past. Come in, and we can get you fit and into something that will help with the shock of an iron striking off the ground. 
And to quell a misconception that’s out there, we fit many younger players into graphite as well. It’s something to think about. It will be worth a try. Trust me.


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P.S. I'm sorry!

And to my wife, who I love dearly, I can’t control the weather. I’m sorry about the foot of snow you’re going to get when I’m gone. Make our son shovel!

Feel the thrill

Don’t leave potential behind
The reason we’re able to add so many yards to our golfers’ tee shots,
is the amount of potential they leave behind even after making great contact.
There’s a different launch DNA for each golfer that maximizes potential.
Now it’s time to “tune” your performance.
Can we change your angle of attack? How do we influence the amount of spin you create?
What is the launch angle that works best for you?
We’re delivering thrills
Creating the perfect match of ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate, maximizes the distance you’ll get off the tee. A change of just 1° and 500rpm can unlock 20 yards. How much potential can we unlock for you? Act now.
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Playing the wind

“Check” your rage in at the door

Hitting into the wind? Speed is not necessarily your friend.
Speed creates spin, and spin creates lift. So don’t fight the wind with power.
The saying is actually “when it’s breezy, swing easy”.
Here are four things we’d like to see you practice to enjoy golf in the wind.

You’re going to lose distance,
so is it a 1 club, 2 club wind.
Go up another club.

Now choke down on the grip, shortening
the swing arc, reducing clubhead speed,
but adding control.

Make sure your weight is a little more on your
front foot at address. Pull the ball back in the
stance, to deloft the club further.
Now make a shorter swing, making sure your
hands are ahead of the clubface at impact.
Concentrate on tempo. Don’t try to force the shot.
When you’re watching golf on the television, and there’s wind about, watch the player’s tempos. It’s almost like they work even harder on a good tempo in the wind.
Tempo is good to practice
Why not dedicate a whole practice session just to tempo. Choose a target and go one club higher than you would usually choose. Choke down. Ball back slightly. Swing with a good tempo and watch the ball flight. Is it lower? More accurate? Does the consistency of ball strike improve?

If you want help with tempo,
Contact us >


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