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Confidence is key

Fittings are awesome. I love the fact that it always turns into a mini-lesson. But simply, I love the process that a customer goes through:  The testing, the emotions, the decision (or indecision). Some of it is the removing of a preconceived notion. Many times, it’s someone who tells us what they need and when we change their mind and educate them.  They see there are always additional options available to them and not always the “tried and true.” To me that’s just cool.

  We recently had a customer who was fit into a PING G410 and Yonex Rexis 6 X flex shaft. After trying multiple driver heads, it came down to two: The G410 and an additional choice. The deciding factor was the consistency of the drives and the dispersion of the strikes. If you can place a ball within just a few yards of each other that can mean more than an extra 10 yards, though yardage is awesome. However, being able be confident enough where your ball is going is massive. A piped drive and picking up your tee is an great feeling.

Confidence is invaluable. It can help you accomplish almost anything. In golf, when you’re confident in your swing, your equipment or even more importantly, in your mind it can be a weapon on the course.

And this guy just won his first PGA Tour event using a Mizuno ST190 driver after wanting to do a friend a favor and test it out.  Keith Mitchell tested it, and then he took it with him. The performance for him was outstanding and he had the confidence that his driver was going to do what it was supposed to do.  He averaged 314 yards off the tee and hit an amazing 71% of his fairways. Not only that he walked in a crazy 15-footer under pressure to win. Confidence is a weapon.  

Take it from me, after testing that driver myself, it’s absolute money.

You may remember reading about a student that broke 80 for the first-time last fall. We’re happy to report that in the last week he birdied the last hole to shoot 75! It’s amazing what some confidence can do.

It's stories like this that really motivate us to keep pushing and do even better.

This week’s newsletter is simply this question to you: What doubts short circuit your game? Is it your thinking? The trust of your equipment, or is it something else entirely?  Email us and tell us what you struggle with and let us know how we can help you.  Call us at
817.595.4653, email the store or me directly at  I would love to profile a few of them and see if we can address concerns that can help you or someone else who may be struggling with the same issue. We’d really like to hear from you!

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The Par 3 Advantage

Become a master of the Par 3s
Just 160 yards from the flag.  You can place the ball on a tee, creating the perfect lie. This is an opportunity to put a low number on your card. For many, it’s the chance for a net birdie. So what goes wrong?
 We see four very common challenges. If you suffer from these, then they’re easy to overcome.

Club selection Ball position
Most of you choose a club which, if struck perfectly,
gets to the flag. As a minimum choose a club which,
if hit perfectly, gets you to the back of the green.
We see a lot of golfers tee the ball up
awfully high when using an iron. You should be 
trying to create the perfect lie.
Game management Technique
Put the ball in the fat of the green
away from trouble, and you have more
room for error. Don’t go flag hunting
when the risk of a 5 or worse is staring at you.
We still see a lot of long irons in bags.
They’re tough to hit consistently. But many of those
who’ve converted to hybrids have never had
a lesson to learn the technique with this club.

Make Par 3 improvement a priority
What improvement would make a difference to your Par 3 scorecard?
We want to help make you a Par 3 Master.
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