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The Golf Station strikes again

If I may be so bold, we do a damn good job at what we do.

We’ve seen some wild stuff in almost 10 years being in this store. We’ve seen Tim shoot 31 on 9 holes three times (the fourth just happened a few weeks ago).  And frankly, the best of them all, we’ve also seen him get called out by a customer and witnessed him get beaten like a drum over 18 holes (also another 31 on 9-holes).  That was pretty cool.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen him so serious and locked in. I was almost embarrassed for the other guy.

But the most wild thing happened during a fitting session at The Club at Sonterra in San Antonio last weekend.  This customer has been golfing for 35 years and was consistently inconsistent. What happened during his fitting was so remarkable, Tim hadn’t even seen it before.  After about 10 minutes or so, the fitting turned into a mini-lesson to get him into the right positions to maximize what he could do and to develop   His spin in his driver was over 4600 RPM after a couple adjustments and his spin dropped to 2652 RPM.  Inside of 15 minutes, he had developed a consistent move to the ball and was finding the center of the clubface and his misses were better.  He had gained almost 10 miles an hour of ball speed and almost 50 yards of distance.  His friends walked over and watched him, all stunned at what they were seeing.  Everyone said they had never seen him do that, ever.  His slice was gone and he had gone to a minimal fade or even that straight shot we all like, which he had never consistently.  The ball was launching high and running when it hit the ground.  It was a total transformation before their eyes.


The next day Tim got a text that he had shot an 88 after Tim’s fitting and mini-lesson.  His last round was in the 110+ range.  This can happen, because it happened to me.  From 120 to 95.  That’s the difference of being fit by an instructor instead of being just fit by anyone else.

At The Golf Station we’re not offering the same fitting experience that you can get anywhere else.  We’re going to work with you to put you in anything that works with your swing, regardless of the brand, and of course, get a mini-lesson to boot, just to make sure you work those kinks out so you know if you do your part, the equipment will follow suit.

If you’d like to experience that Tour Quality Fit we talk about, click here or call 817.595.4653 for an appointment.

Your fitting survey

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Too many golfers carry clubs in their bags they very rarely use and then don’t have clubs
they’d use on at least a third of the holes (if they were in the bag).
How many wedges do you carry?
And while we’re on the subject of clubs used on every hole; most golfers play with a putter
that has a shaft length that was probably never validated as being the right length for them.
Was your putter fitted or was it trial and error?
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The Par 3 Advantage

Knowing how to use hybrids
The hybrid was invented to provide regular golfers with distance and consistency with longer shots. More forgiving and easier to use.
 But we’ve picked up a lot of uncertainty amongst golfers on how to use hybrids. From the fairway, is it played like an iron or a fairway wood? And, is it the same when you tee up the ball?
You’ll find a lot of Par 3’s that are in the long iron/hybrid distance area. It’s deliberate. On at least one or more of the holes the course designer wants to test the longer end of your approach-shot-bag. Make your hybrids your favorite clubs by learning how to use a hybrid from the tee and the fairway. It changes the game.
Make Par 3 improvement a priority
Technique matters. It helps to make your playing experience as enjoyable as possible. Golf becomes more fun. Be proud of your technique. Be as good as you can be.
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