The closest thing to magic...

I say it over and over again:  There’s something magical about new equipment.  First, I like shiny things as many of us do.  I even like it in stuff that I know I can’t hit, but many of us can.  This week’s offering is in the player’s iron category.

The TaylorMade P-7TW iron is available for pre-order and will be available in limited release on May 1st.  These can be (and should be) fit to your exact specifications so you scratch and aspiring scratch players can test your game.  Or as a friend of mine says, he’ll get two sets:  One to use and one to hang on the wall.  That’s kind of weird if you ask me.  But hey, it’s his cash!

Inject a little bit of magic into your game

It’s just one more option available to you from us.  And if you’re not interested in a new set, that’s cool too.  We’ll gladly refit your current set to help it treat you even better than when you purchased it! Contact us.

Get a better grip on your game

"I have a question about grips:  Can you explain how to decide what grips to put my clubs?"

– P. S.

The rule of thumb is the size of your glove should determine your grip size.  To me it’s even simpler than that:  I vote to simply go for not only what’s comfortable but one where you can grip the club securely without squeezing the daylights out what’s in your hand and cause tension through the golf swing.

Some even believe that grip size can help determine whether you can release the club properly.  I understand that logic, but I don’t necessarily buy that.  If you’re using an oversized grip and you’re technically deficient and slicing the ball, guess what?  You’re still going to slice or hook the ball.  I’m not saying that bigger grips won’t work SOME, but if your clubface is too open or closed at impact…Well, you know. 

Now if you’re changing your grip that’s something else, and Tim can help you find out where your hands should be in relation to what your body should be doing. Contact us.


Your golf is our passion

We’ve been absolutely slammed busy over the past few weeks.  I guess it’s a great problem to have.  Thank you all so much for the phone calls, visits and  to those taking advantage of all of our services.  It’s our pleasure to serve you and help you play the game better and enjoy it more.

For more information on what we do and the services we provide, please click here to contact us via email, or call us at

Everyone wants forgiveness

Take it where you need it
If you describe yourself as a good or solid ball striker, these two shots still provide you with different challenges. You don’t need forgiveness in your irons on the one, but the longer #5 or #4 iron shot will test your skills and consistency.
If you’re consistent throughout your set, then a better Players Iron (more compact, possibly forged) is a great choice. If you start to lose consistency in the mid-irons, then consider blending two iron models through your set. A Players Iron for the shorter irons, and a more forgiving model for the mid and longer irons.
The shorter irons can be compact with a CG that is a little higher,
and closer to the face, with
limited launch assistance.
The mid to longer irons can be a different model: one that offers a larger hitting zone and a little more launch assistance.
It’s about the distances
If you want to blend two different models into one set, then it’s not about the numbers on the sole. It’s about the distance numbers you hit each club. As well as finding the perfect fit, we want to make sure you have each distance base covered.
Contact us >

The best for you

An improvement changing your game

If you want to go from experiencing an average golf game to a better golf game, where you take more frustration-free walks down fairways and then step with an excited bounce towards a green full of opportunity after a sweet approach shot:

Then often a small change, from steering the golf ball to releasing the clubhead through the golf ball, results in:
Certainly extra distance. More than you might imagine. A surprise to everyone you play with. 
Definitely straighter tee shots and approach shots. More fairways from the tee. More greens on approach.
More solid, more consistent ball striking. More satisfaction at the end of every round.
Forget winning. Forget trophies. Hitting better golf shots makes the whole world a better, happier place. Golf should be the therapy for life!
Get a better experience
What would cause you to smile more often on the golf course? What would give you cause for celebration? If “greater consistency” of ball striking will help deliver a smile or celebration,
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