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Expertise available to you

It’s more than the “numbers”
With some expertise (and understanding of “Gear Effect” and driver face design),
it’s entirely possible to add 20 yards and more to someone’s tee shots, without either buying a
new driver or swinging harder.
Strike the ball higher on the face, and your launch angle will be higher,
while the “Gear Effect” will reduce spin. You won’t believe the added distance most golfers will get.
Strike the ball lower on the face, and your launch angle will be lower, and the impact of the “Gear Effect”
will add spin to your shots. You’ll likely lose a lot of distance.
Do you know where on the face you strike the ball? 
On the practice tee, cover the face using a
dry erase marker, and after each shot, you’ll
see the impact on the club face.

Book your tee shot evaluation
Reach out now and let’s see whether a quick evaluation might unlock a lot of extra distance
WITHOUT you having to make an equipment purchase.
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What motivates you?

The social experience or …
We’re very interested in gaining a better understanding of what’s important to you.
Over the next three weeks, we’d like you to answer a simple question each week.
We won’t store any personal data, indeed you won’t even have to give us your name (unless you want to).
But we will collate the data to gain a better understanding of what we need to improve.
So starting this week: 

Social Competition

Let us know
For you, what is the relative priority of the recreational and social experience vs golf as a sporting competition?
Let us know now.

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