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Join us for a Festive Finals Day

The South Coast shook quite a bit on Friday at 13h20 ! Some quipped it was the Springboks warming up in Japan. It was then confirmed that there had been a quake/ tremor, 44km  from Port Shepstone!
Congratulations to Sharon Turnbull Jackson on winning The Famous Five  - Ind Stab on Wednesday
Here is Sharon being presented with The Iron Lady Trophy by Lady Capt  Allyson Thomas.
 The Iron Lady Trophy was originally sponsored by Elizabeth Cochrane and is always an enjoyable event!
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Thanks you Richard B. for taking this great picture of our Clubhouse. The greens are all looking amazing!

Club News

Ladies and Men's KZN Inter Club 2019

On the weekend, the Ladies and Mens' KZN Inter Club took place, with our teams faring well. These are competitive events, and a great way to meet up with friends from different clubs all over KZN. Well done to Don Osbourn for including young Graham Sole (Small Fish) into one of the teams. Graham did really well, and it was great to see some youth coming through. 
The Ladies  Inter Club team had a blast in Richards Bay. The overall theme was 101 Dalmations, and it was brilliant to see all the interpretations of the theme from all the participating KZN clubs. Our ladies did so well! Candida Amm and Jean Cole lost by 1 point – finishing 2nd.  Augi D’Ewes and Di Morris finished 4th overall, and Shelley Myers and Iren Schanda were runners up on the last day.

Member News

Celebrating 100 years!

It was lovely to see Sandy and Gerald FitzGerald celebrating Sandy’s Mum's, Winnie Desmarais, 100th birthday last week – yes 100! How amazing is that?   
We would like to send a hearty congratulations  to the entire family.

Pro Shop News

 Congratulations to the Happy Couple

We were honoured to be invited to Beauty (Jabulile) and Vovik (Vuyani's) wedding, last weekend, in Bushy Vales.  It was a happy, musical, and well supported occasion –  we thoroughly enjoyed it!
October 100 club Winners 

1st  |  No. 30  |  Norman & Shirley Jeffery  |  R2000
2nd  |  No. 81  |  Carol Lamb  |  R500
Attendance Prize  |  No. 40  |  Not Claimed  |  Wally Robinson

Ladies Change Room

The ladies changing room revamp is well underway. A reminder that this will still take a couple of weeks, and for that reason, the men's changing rooms are now unisex. The showers are however closed. 
Club Fixtures

Who has been in it to win it?


Friday, 25th October
Chicken Run Ind Stab over 9 holes

Bob O’Callaghan &Derek Pieterse  |  22 pts
Nic Van Deventer  |  21 pts
Dries Barkhuizen, Jill Webster & Chris Miller  |  20 pts

Saturday, 26th October
Open Alliance

1st  |  John Fox, Dave Fox, Vic Pretorius & Neil Reid  |  90 pts
2nd  |  John Neaves, Norman Farrell, Rob Meydell & Chris Ledden  |  90 pts
3rd  |  Bob Thomas, James Thomas, Gurney Mathews & Geoff Skelton  |  89 pts

Wednesday, 30th October

Ladies-Ind Stab Famous Five (using 5 clubs only!)

1st  |  Sharon Turnbull Jackson  |  9pts 
t2nd  |  Lesley Godley & Rene Matthew  |  35pts
4th  |  Lee Mutch  | 34pts 

Men's-Ind Stab

1st  |  Jim Cook |  43pts
2nd  |  Bob Carmichael |  42pts 
3rd  |  Ken Crawford |  39 pts
t4th  |  Clive Miller & Bob Thomas |  38pts 
t6th  |  Craig Treherne on C/O, Brian Hoggart, Chris Ledden & Roger Hissey |  37pts

You’ve come this far, now get closer

Crisp contact each time
When you’re within 100 metres, you want to get your ball as close to the flag as possible. A more forgiving wedge makes it easier to do that. Cleveland’s new CBX 2 is that more forgiving wedge.

The CBX 2 will get you there.
Trust your wedge
Most amateur golfers hit the ball near the toe. They know what it’s like to see their ball fall short and right of the green. But with a sweet spot that extends to the toe, the CBX 2 makes it easier for you to trust your club.
Stick it to the flag.
At the end of a round, take your wedges to the practice green and check your shot dispersion.
Sizing up the sweet spot
A bigger sweet spot gives you better distance control because it makes the club more forgiving, making you more consistent. A heavy weight placed in the toe of the CBX 2 Wedge increases its MOI and perimeter weighting for extra forgiveness.
Let’s go greenside and get you closer to the flag
If you want to have more fun around the greens improving your wedge play is key. Let’s get out on the course together and help you do both.
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Fix par 3 mistakes

Many golfers fall short of par 3 greens because they select a club based on a perfect shot. But perfect shots are rare.
What matters more; hitting a good spot on the green or the number club you took to hit it?

There are four distances you should consider on each par 3. The distance to the front edge, back edge and middle of the green, and how far you hit each club in your bag.

Knowing these numbers and considering the size of the green makes it easier to select the best club for the shot.
Never hit a hard number to reach the front edge of the green. Because if you don’t get all of it, you will land short. If a perfect strike with a specific club gets you to the back edge of the green, that’s a better option. Your swing should stay more or less consistent. It’s the club that really adds or reduces the required distance.

Next time you’re on the range take ten shots with the same club at the same target and note your average distance and dispersion.

Better course management
Swing improvement takes time, but good strategy brings immediate results. We’ll help you make better decisions on the golf course that will put you into more scoring positions.
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Derek and Sheena

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