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Dear Members, Clients and Friends,

Another short and sweet message for you, followed by some important information relating to your golfing enjoyment! It is really fantastic for me to see so many of you making your returns to the driving range, and also wonderful to see so many new clients enjoying our ever improving practice facility. In addition to the colourful new distance signage, we have also invested in some sparkling new practice mats, complete with new adjustable tees.

And this is only the beginning of the range upgrades for this year, I will keep you updated on this. The studio is now also equipped with an innovative new teaching mat, which helps clients understand the value of correct alignment, ball position and swing path. This together with our FlightScope technology is an absolute winner!

So what are you waiting for - there is no better venue than our practice facility to come and work on your game. Bear in mind that if you want to make the most of your practice, and more importantly understand what and how you should practice, do not hesitate to contact me in order to find out. Please take the time to read on about the importance of an assessment below. Also note that my new coaching structure for this year makes provision for the assessment to be free of charge, even more incentive for you to come and pay a visit! More about this follows in my next insert.

Keep it on the fairways,

Revealing the lie

Manufacturers try and solve problems
Most golfers lose the ball to the right. So, some manufacturers make, especially their game improvement irons, with more and more upright lies. They’re trying to find a solution to what MIGHT be a problem you have.
Research shows that for some golfers who lose the ball right, a more upright lie does change average ball flight.
It does however show that for some it has entirely different results.
Each of you is different.

Your spine tilt; knee flex; and how low or high
you prefer the handle, will not only affect lie angle;

but potentially also shaft length.
And then there’s your in-swing movement.
An inside path and outside path will probably
create different lie angle needs.
But the only way to tell is an assessment
That’s why we want you to start your journey to a better golf experience with a proper assessment.
Is your lie angle correct? Are your clubs making it harder to hit good shots?
Why not find out?
Book an assessment >

The best for you

Don’t settle for what you have 
There’s a famous saying from Dr. Bob Rotella:
Great advice for when you’re on the golf course in competition.
But for most golfers, the implication of that is “most longer clubs stay in the bag forever”.  
Most golfers struggle with consistency when using fairway woods, hybrids, longer irons,
and sometimes even mid-irons, so how do you apply this advice?
Do most of these clubs remain unused in the bag forever?
We have some sports psychology for you:
Get a better experience
By increasing the length of club that you can hit consistently from the fairway, you change your golf game.
Escape from difficult positions becomes easier. Setting up opportunity becomes easier.
Both of those lead to a better playing experience.
Contact us >

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