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part 2 of the correlations between smash factor and clubhead speed; some great news about one of my coaching colleagues; Japan news; a nasty golf rule; and some more information on fittings and junior golf.

Interesting FlightScope Correlations - Part 2

In order not to repeat myself, if you missed part 1 of my write-up about correlations I am seeing regularly on Flightscope, please click here. In this edition, I want to write a bit about the optimal smash factor numbers (smash factor = ball speed divided by clubhead speed and is an indicator of how effectively one is striking the ball), using the pitching wedge, 6 iron and driver as examples. Each club has an "optimal" smash factor, and by the way it is 
the same for men and ladies.

The optimal numbers are 1.23 for PW; 1.38 for 6 iron and 1.48 for driver, and obviously each club has a proportionate optimal number. The difference in the numbers is simply due to the relative lengths of the clubs, as the longer the club the more speed it can develop. Coming back to the ladies - I had a quick look on the charts, and in fact the ladies' smash factors with the
irons are quite a bit higher than the men's!.

This does make a lot of sense as if you've watched ladies' golf,
they swing so much smoother than the menmaking it easier for them to hit the middle of the clubface, again underlining the correlation! Finally, even though these numbers are taken from the LPGA and PGA tours, anyone can achieve them and I have seen many reach even higher numbers, again telling us that you do not need to be super strong to reach a good smash factor, and this should be your first goal in order to reach more distance and accuracy. In my next edition, I will discuss why I often see proportionally higher smash factors in the irons than in the driver!

If you would like to find out more about this and/or would like to assess your smash factors and swing speeds and so much more, please talk to me.

Johan du Buisson - hard working colleague deserves top award

This young man, an ex-Sunshine Tour campaigner and one of my colleagues making up our strong coaching team at the club really deserved having recently been voted the PGA National Apprentice of the Year. Johan is an excellent coach, and is extremely popular with the juniors. He has in all the years coaching at the club hardly ever been late for any of his Monday or Thursday sessions, even though his days are made up of extremely long hours coaching at two other academies as well as at our club.

On top of this he stays top-fit by cycling some of the longest distances I have heard of, a great example for the rest of us! I really don't know how he does it, but I know he deserves the accolades. From all of us at the club, your fellow coaches and the junior section, congratulations Johan and keep up the good work!
From left to right: Director of Golf and current Chairman
- PGA of South Africa Louis Destroo; PGA Apprentice
of the Year Johan du Buisson and Graham Webster,
PGA Master Professional and former Chairman of
the PGA. Louis won this prestigeous award in 2004.

Excitement mounts about Japan, but keeping an eye on the weather predictions!

As described in my last newsletter, Garrett Slattery with myself as his coach/guide, have been invited to compete at the 2019 ISPS Handa Japan Blind Golf Open at the Hakonekohan Golf Club in Hakone, not far from Mount Fuji. This was an invite we could not turn down! We have been preparing well and are ready to take them on! The tournament runs from 17 to 19 September.

There are rumours that we may get to experience the huge Springboks - All Blacks match on September 21 in Yokohama, but due to it being the height of typhoon season over there at the moment and we must first survive the golf tournament, you will have to wait for my report back or keep an eye on social media!  

And here I am getting carried away again! - back to the main reason for the trip! - these two Springboks hoping for another good result on the international blind golf circuit! I have to mention that it is co-incidentally Garrett's birthday today - congratulations Garrett, many happy returns and may your golfing career still last a very long time!

How about this for a potentially nasty golf rule!

I've seen my fair share of strange or nasty rules situations, but this one takes the cake! Remember this the next time a bug is crossing your line while you're putting! Click here to view the situation crossing Paul Casey's line! Courtesy of Golf RSA newsletter. 

Please spare a minute to read on about further advantages of being fitted, as well as what golf can do for the juniors.

Keep it on the fairway,

Fitting for approach shot magic

When we fit you for new irons, we can add "distance" which means a shorter club. And using a club with a shorter shaft on approach shots leads to more accuracy.
Many club makers have identified 37 as an important point in shaft length. Above that length and most golfer’s consistency of contact starts to deteriorate rapidly. So allowing you to hit a 37“ #7 iron rather than a ‘longer’ #6 iron is a big deal.
has been part of a materials and design revolution. New materials allow them to be thinner and faster. New internal design is supporting the next generation of irons to allow even more speed across more of the face.

Now improve your approach
Book an assessment with us now. Let us look at your swing and technique; your irons and how the technology helps you. Let us improve the number of magical moments you have on the course.
Make more magic >

Fall in love with golf

The boost, thrill, and growth we see in a child when they start to master a particular golf skill gives us tremendous fulfillment. As we start to see them fall in love with the game and find new connections with others on a similar journey, we know we’re doing our job.
 If we can do that, they’ll be healthier, happier, and have a game and friends for a lifetime.
Sign your children up for one of our fun junior golf programmes. We’ll set them on the pathway to a lifelong love affair with the game.
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