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In this newsletter - Part three and conclusion (FlightScope correlations) - smash factor and clubhead speed; apologies for omission of Boland Senior team success; a goat comes in to check out our nice proshop!; what are you buying; and its not about how strong you are.

Interesting FlightScope Correlations - Part 3

This is the final part of the discussion about the correlations between smash factor (how effectively you are striking the ball) and clubhead speed. If you either missed parts 1 & 2 of my discussions, please click here for part 1 and here for part 2. In this final part, as promised I will touch on the difference I keep on seeing (proportionally) between the smash factors of peoples irons and that of their drivers, as well as why this happens.

It is astounding how many times I see this - relatively high smash factors in a golfer's irons, but then a proportionally lower smash factor in the same golfers driver. For example, I would very often see beautiful smash factors of even more than the optimal number with the pitching wedge and 6 iron (optimal numbers for those clubs are 1.23 & 1.38 respectively), but then often well below optimal with the driver (eg 1.42 when optimal is 1.48). 

The reasons for this? Well, firstly we all know what happens with us psychologically when we pull out the driver - we think we must automatically hit it as hard as we can, hereby losing body position and consequently how well we strike the ball, hereby sacraficing distance even though we may well be swinging faster.
Secondly, when we look down at an iron clubface, it is obviously much smaller than that of a driver. Therefore, we probably focus much more on actually trying to hit an iron in the middle of the face, whereas with driver we're lulled into the false sense of security that we don't have to hit it that centrally as the face is so big, which couldn't be further from the truth!

Finally, the length of the club does naturally also play a role - it is much easier to control a shorter than a longer club. It has been proven that the average golfer ironically gains more distance with a shorter driver than with a longer one, even though longer does equate to being able to achieve higher clubhead speeds. This once again points to my conclusion to the first of my FlightScope correlation discussions - that there is more consistent benefit to be derived from first increasing one's smash factor as opposed to one's swing speed.

Look out for my next interesting FlightScope correlation discussions in my upcoming publications. If you would like to come down to measure your smash factor and clubhead speeds, or anything else, or just to talk, don't hesitate to contact me.

Senior Team Success

In my last newsletter, I wrote about the successes of some of our golfers, but failed to mention the success of our Senior League team, which hosted the Boland Trophy recently  - I can tell you there is a lot of talent in this young team! Francois Hanekom (right in the photo) who won the playoff to win, is a great player and was a teaching professional back in the days when I started out my teaching carreer - I learnt a lot about coaching from this mentor. Few golfers practice as hard as Dewald Botha (3rd from right). We have been doing some work on his ball flight and it's paying off. I am seeing more and more of Schalk Burger (left) at the driving range since he has joined the retired ranks, already a good player, he will surely improve even more now! This is not to downplay the skills of captain Stephen Loubser (2nd from left), Jackie Snyman (holding the trophy) and Pieter van Coller (2nd from right). Well done team!
Boland Senior League Champions for 2019
A goat pays the Pro Shop a visit and becomes "Vlokkie se Bokkie"!

It was just a normal Wednesday afternoonthis week, except there was some rain starting to fall now and then. The members were slowly but surely checking in for their games, when all of a sudden a very different client made its appearance - a brown goat - what followed you can have a look at yourself on the video footage below! Luckily and as fate would have it, member Adriaan Vlok (Vlokkie) was at hand to casually pick up the poor lost animal, calm it down and let it be on its way! Let's let the video footage caught on camera do the rest of the talking, enjoy!
Upon further investigation, it was reported that the inquisitive goat walked straight past the security gates, apparantly even mumbling something while passing that it wanted to check out the nice latest stock in the Pro Shop, which it then also promptly did! We think Patricia and Bianca will never forget this Wednesday, and probably neither the goat! What a story, one for the books!

Semi-finals Fever

Who will it be on Saturday and who will it be on Sunday?! Go Bokke!! The club is a great place to watch the rugby. Enjoy your golf and your rugby and may the best teams win!
Please read on below about more fitting news, as well as why you don't necessarily have to be strong to hit it further.

Keep it on the fairways,

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