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We all have the "BOKKE" on our minds this week, and it is difficult to concentrate on work! There is no way that I am not dedicating most of this newsletter to this momentous occasion! I also have an apology to make, and will also try to apply what we've seen and learnt to golf coaching. I also have some good news from the range, and some more information on wedges and playing par 3's.

What an incredible World Cup in Japan it was, with such a fairytale ending, which probably couldn't have been scripted much better if one tried. Below is a clip of their arrival at OR Tambo and the start of their country-wide tour. They are in Durban at the moment and will be in Cape Town on Monday. Just imagine what it must have been like for someone arriving at OR Tambo from somewhere in the world who did not know about this!!
This is extremely good for our nation, as Prince Harry also reiterated in the Bok changing room after the game (if you may not have seen that video clip yet see the video below), and coach Rassie is far from finished with his masterplan not only for SA Rugby, but for South Africa as a whole. Word has it that Rassie has already been asked how much he knows about electricity, but that may be pushing the envelope a bit too far! 

If you listen carefully, Francois Steyn, a double World Cup winner, actually tells Prince Harry he must down the beer for making the team wait for him!! Enjoy.

A "Bok" error!

At this point I must humbly apologize for an (at least funny) error on my part in my last newsletter which was in the week leading up to the semi-final weekend, and which, in hindsight, was yet another good omen for the Bokke, as Bianca, who was behind the counter with Patricia at the time, also put it. I reported on a once-in-a-lifetime experience about a "bok" that found its way into the Pro Shop - for some reason I interpreted the Afrikaans word "bok" to be a goat, even though another translation would off course be antelope! 

I humbly apologize, as now I know that the "goat" was actually indeed an antelope, namely a duiker. So, other than all the other good omens the Boks had behind them eg that we've never lost in a final, the "every twelve year" theory and the fact that the Cheetahs had won the Currie Cup just as in 2007, plus the 57 million people backing them, another one was in fact that, even though it may not have been a Springbok, a "bok" made its way into the Stellenbosch Golf Club's Pro Shop 4 days before the Semi-Final, causing all sorts of havoc amongst the staff behind the counter, just like our Boks caused mayhem in the final!

In case you missed it, Adriaan Vlok (Vlokkie), who luckily was in the shop at the time, calmly picked up the antelope, calmed it down, and sent it on its way down the 1st fairway. And so it also became known as "Vlokkie se Bokkie", a story that we will never forget, and especially not Patricia and Bianca! Just in case you may have missed the very entertaining video please click here (sorry Bianca and Patricia)! Neil our superintendant says he regularly sees the bokkie early in the mornings on the farm next to the 6th tee box. I did also speak to Prof Nico Laubscher, our local plant and animal expert member, who so far agrees that it is a duiker, but will also try to spot it again. Now why did I not phone him first time around!

We will also never forget Saturday 2 November in the clubhouse, where hundreds of us celebrated this great achievement by the Springboks. If you are an English rugby supporter - well played in the semi's!

I firmly believe each of us should take this example set by Rassie and his team, of setting a goal, putting a time-frame to it, and then taking the neccessary steps to achieve the goal, and then set the next one. This can be applied to anything, including improving at golf - start with an assessment, let's set the goal and go for gold! Even though it will always be on a smaller scale, your World Cup win could be something as simple as breaking 90, or making a birdie or reaching a certain handicap. What is your Webb Ellis Trophy?

Range news

Great news from the range is that we have invested in some brand new Srixon range balls. Be advised that you will notice they don't fly as far as the previous ball (85% of the distance of a normal ball). Just remember that the 220 meter carry rule still strictly applies, but don't get a fright if you are suddenly hitting it somewhat shorter! This ball is very durable, specifically made for range use, and there are enough of them, so do make your way down to our fantastic range to test them out.

Also in case you haven't noticed, the last balls are going out at 18h00 now. Please just plan your session such that the range can close at 18h30 so that all the balls can be collected before dark. Also note that closing times may vary according to weather conditions and weekends.

For more general information, have a look at the new practice facility web page which can also be found on our website under the "Golf" icon. For a look at the neat coaching page, please click here.

Please see further below some very useful information about wedges, as well as Par 3 playing tips. Last but not least, we all wish you a fantastic Eikestad Classic Saturday tomorrow.

Keep it on the fairways

You’ve come this far, now get closer

Face any short game challenge
Out on the course you come across various surface textures,
lie angles and distances. Your short game equipment
should be able to handle this.

CBX 2 has a grind for every situation.
Whether you land on crispy fairways or light dirt, the V-shaped 46° - 52° sole is your go-to for full wedge shots.
Gone a bit wayward and hit a bunker or heavy rough? Pull out the S-shaped 54° - 56° wedge.
When you just miss the green and need to get it up and down, the C-shaped 58° - 60° wedge will do the trick.
Trust your wedge
Most amateur golfers hit the ball near the toe. They know what it’s like to see their ball fall short and right of the green. But with a sweet spot that extends to the toe, the CBX 2 makes it easier for you to trust your club.
Got spin?
At the end of a round, take your wedges to the practice green and check your shot dispersion.

It’s also loads of fun
Having the right equipment design is not just reassuring, it opens the game up to be more enjoyable.
We love wedge play
Being able to approach wedge shots creatively makes the game a lot more fun. To be able to do this, you need to practice. Let’s go greenside together and help you sharpen your short game.
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Fix par 3 mistakes

Making the flag your only focus on par 3s, increases risk and closes off possibilities. And it often leaves you staring at double or triple bogey.
If you want to make more birdies, par 3s are not the holes you should be targeting. Landing your tee shot in the most achievable area on the green and leaving two putts for par is a much better approach. Flag hunting often leads to forced swings, loss of control and unnecessary bogeys.

Data from the PGA Tour shows that par 3s have the highest average score compared to par 4s and par 5s.

Better course management
Swing improvement takes time, but good strategy brings immediate results. We’ll help you make better decisions on the golf course that will put you into more scoring positions.
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