Predict & win!

Predict the exact score for Saturday’s game between South Africa vs New Zealand and you could win a 2-Night Stay at Zebula! There’s no cost to enter but you have to play golf sometime on Saturday to be eligible. Give your prediction in at the Golf Shop when you register to play….

Pitch & Putter Challenge

It’s going to be great fun on the Mashie Course on Monday. Tee up and win a prize – yip – everyone will win a prize with the total value of the prizes being R15,000! The winner of each division will win a Cleveland Wedge plus if you make a hole-in-one you will win a free 1-Year Membership to Zwartkop. Call Elsabe to book on 082-922-8408.

The perfect fit

A couple of weeks ago Ian did an assessment with Sallie Herbst. Sallie was having trouble with his driver and during the assessment Ian noticed that although Sallie had an M4 driver which was set at the correct loft, he was still hitting the ball high and to the right.

After looking at his numbers on the FlightScope, he could see that Sallie’s spin rate was far too high. Ian then changed his shaft to a heavier one and by doing just that Sallie was able to reduce his spin rate so that he was able to get a straighter ball flight.

Ian is happy to report that after his very first game, Sallie was hitting it straighter and farther!

Each and every one of our PGA Professionals are able to analyse your swing on the FlightScope and it will give you knowledge about your swing that you never knew before.

Get in touch with Ian, Jo, Elsabe, Justin or Johan via the Golf Shop to book your session.

Our Juniors Rock!

As mentioned on Tuesday, our ZCC 2 Junior League Team finished top of Group B in their league and they will be promoted to Group A next year.

Well done to all the players in the team. It’s so great to see that most of the team are taking either group or private lessons with Elsabe & Justin.

If you would like your kids to get into the game of a lifetime give Elsabe 082-922-8408 or Justin 082-925-0236 a call

Junior Sunday Golf Special - Play a round of golf with an Adult on a Sunday afternoon and you as a Junior Member of Zwartkop play absolutely FREE! 

In fact, we also have a Holiday Golf Special just for our Juniors…

There’s also still a few places available for next week’s Junior Pro Am!


Let us help you play better golf...

This week Elsabe advises you on chipping off a slope.

Why don’t you get Elsabe to help you reach your goals – give her a call on 082-922-8408 / to discuss what you would like to achieve.
  Practice with Purpose in September…

Join Elsabe and Justin’s Practice Club - every Wednesday in September from 12h00 – 13h00. This month they get Back to Basics!


Adults All-Day Sunday Special...

Pay for an 18-hole round of golf on a Sunday morning and play on the Sunday afternoon absolutely free. (This only applies to your greenfees). 

Where's the ZCC Logo?

Our members wear our Zwartkop logo’d shirts with great pride.

We’d love to follow our logo around and so we are asking you to send us a picture of yourself wearing our logo’d shirts or caps so we can see where we have travelled to lately.

We might even drum up a prize for the most exotic destination – keep it clean – we’re talking golf here!

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Fitting for approach shot magic

Fitting you for better approach shots is more than just finding you the perfect match of lie angle, shaft length, and shaft flex. It is also about finding technology that reduces the impact of poor ball strikes.  
Fitting gives you the best chance of returning the iron face back to the ball, square to the target line and with the sole square to the face. But even with the perfect fitting none of us achieve this every time. So how does technology help?
If you make contact wide of the sweet spot, new technologies allow the face to flex as fast in those areas. That means consistent ball speeds and consistent distance. This is a critical part of approach shot accuracy.
Distance isn’t just a factor of ball speed. Launch angle and spin need to be protected. This is very important in the area where many less skilled players make contact: below the sweet spot.
If the club can be engineered to twist less when you strike the face wide of the sweet spot then the face will remain squarer and you’ll be more accurate.

Now improve your approach
Book an assessment with us now. Let us look at your swing and technique; your irons and how the technology helps you. Let us improve the three dimensions of distance, accuracy, and stopping power. Improve these and it increases the number of magical moments on the course.
Make more magic >

Fall in love with golf

We take that principal to heart. That’s why along with skills development we want our juniors playing. Not just traditional golf, but all sorts of games that will not only develop a range of skills, but will help them fall in love with the game for a lifetime.
Sign your children up for one of our fun junior golf programmes. We’ll set them on the pathway to a lifelong love affair with the game.
Contact us >



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