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Unlike many competitor ionomer cover balls that offer golfers long distance on full shots but only deliver marginal performance around the green, the new AD333 distinguishes itself with excellent greenside control, enabling golfers to execute approach shots more effectively, with more confidence, to achieve better results.

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The Masters

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Whose been winning?


Monday School
4-Ball Alliance, 2 x scores to count

Norman Stewart, Rourke Broad, Paul Schweizer, and Colin Bell 86pts

Ladies Day
Individual Medal and Putting

Jill Rabie
73 nett
Michelle Hutcheson 31 putts

Members Competition
Individual Stableford

Rob van Veen 38pts

Saturday A.M.
Members Competition
Singles Medal/ Stableford (C-Div)

a. Jayson Rawraway
b. Warren Jacobs 66
c. Stan Miller 32pts

Saturday P.M.
Members Competition
Singles Medal/ Stableford (C-Div)

a. Keith Broad 68
b. Stan Gorman 68
c. Traci Riemer 37pts

Simplify your short game

Three swings you can replicate
Do you lack confidence controlling distance with your pitch shots?  Many, even most, of our golfers have one swing length for all pitch shots. They control their distance by accelerating or decelerating into the ball. That’s a tough task and just adds to the challenge of the shot. It’s very difficult to be precise. 
Control distance with the length of your back-swing and follow-through. Work with three swing lengths using the clock face theory 9-3,11-1 and full swing. It will help you hit it closer more often through greater distance control.
Now you should create a wedge chart. An accurate recording of the distance each wedge travels depending on the length of your swing.

This will help you make better decisions on the course. This will help you hit your distance target more often.
Fill the gaps

Integrating a 9-3 and 11-1 swing into your wedge game is critical to ensure you are never between clubs again. You will be shocked by the consistency and confidence you gain. It only takes one lesson.
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Better ball striking

Going the wrong direction?
We see a lot of golfers missing out on the real sweet feeling of solid iron contact because they’re making either "fat" or "thin" contact.
There are a couple of quite common reasons why some golfers struggle with poor (fat or thin) contact. One is they’re going in the wrong direction.
In this image, in an attempt to get the ball airborne the golfer is trying to strike the ball with an ascending blow by moving their weight away from the target (to their back foot) on the downswing.   During the downswing weight should move from the back foot to the front foot towards the target, encouraging a slightly
descending, ball-first contact. 
Make that shoulder turn. On the backswing don’t allow the right arm to collapse. Avoid the inclination to pick the club up. Rotate your upper body, and set yourself up to make a good transition, from a good place at the top of your backswing.

Make it solid

You need to strike the ball first with a slight descending trajectory. That ensures your contact is solid and strikes the face in the hitting zone. We have drills that can help you on the practice range. We can also look at your swing and let you know how to improve your ball striking.
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