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29 November

Tee times available from 16:41 to 17:38.

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Welcome to the team

The Met welcomes Yusuf Raidhan, our new Head Teaching Professional!

With the opening of the new shop and swing studios a matter of weeks away, we’re excited to announce the arrival of Yusuf Raidhan as our Head Teaching Professional.

Yusuf has spent time in the UK working with Dennis Pugh and has just moved to Cape Town after 4 years working at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington under Michael Balderstone and Martin Briede. Yusuf has experience in working with kids, beginners and elite players and we can’t wait until the new facility is ready for him to start helping everyone with their game!

For now, Yusuf is available for lessons on-course and in the nets – please enquire at the pro shop or contact him directly:

Yusuf Raidhan
Head Teaching Professional
EOGA Academy
Metropolitan GC

081 867 0616

Over the coming weeks, we’ll provide everyone with updates on the new facility and what our members and visitors can expect!

Music to my ears!

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Who's been winning?

Monday School Comp

11 November 2019
4Ball Alliance, 2 x scores to count
Pos Names Score Voucher
1st Spiro Bouloukos, Steve Newlan,
Arthur Bisig & Kevin Botha
93 pts R75
2nd James Mcnab, Keith Gilmour,
Vanessa Mcnab & Colin Bell
87 pts R55
3rd Mervyn Kramer, Jeff Scher,
James Mcnab & (ghost)
84 pts R35

Nearest the Pin
18th - Dave Gordon Wine

Two Clubs
Dave Gordon R20
Dennis Kahindi
Nigel Kees - welcome back
Arthur bisig

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Progressive Alliance

1st Debbie Gibb, Jill Rabie, Sue Moubray, and Hazel Hoberman 77 pts

Wednesday 13 November 2019
Combined Stableford

Pos Names Score Voucher
1st Spiro Bouloukos and Frans Van Herden 61 pts R120
2nd Ryan Bailey and Barry Turner 59 pts R80
3rd Ioannis kritzas and Steve Phytides 57 pts R40

Nearest to the pin
    18th - Ryan Bailey R100

Two Club (paying out R50): Ryan Bailey and Steve Phytides
Thursday 14 november 2019
Betterball Bogey Plus

Pos Names Score Voucher
1st Farrel Cohen and Steve Liebrecht +7 R160
2nd Rob Regasto and Phil Gullan
+7 c/o R130
3rd Jack Schneider and Neville Walker
+6 R115
4th Anthony Paitaki and Luis Rosa +6 c/o

Nearest to Pin

  9th Steve Phytides R100
    15th Gerry Botoulas R100

Two Club
Paying out R280 - Gerry Botoulas
Steve phytides - zambali
Exceptional rounds
Roberto regasto - 66 nett (74) 8
Lowest Gross
(no placing)
Rob Regasto - 74

Saturday Competition
16 November 2019
Premier packaging - Combined Stableford


Pos Names Score Voucher
1st Bernard Bultemeier and Warran Jacobs 67 pts R175
2nd Dave Jacobs and Steven Chasen 63 pts R125
3rd Mervyn Rosenberg and Hazel Hoberman   61 pts R75

Nearest to the pins

9th Bernard Bultemeier R100
15th Grant Buser R100

Two Clubs (paying out R24): Bernard Bultemeier, Dave Jacobs, Phil Gullan, Grant Buser, Ian Nordon, James Mcnab Jnr, Terry Copelowitz, and Francois Engelbrecht

1st Robbie Van Sittert and Johan de Villiers 70 pts R290
2nd  Debbie Gibb and Clifford Mijlof 67 pts R195
3rd Bill Cornish and Tony Lupton 62 pts R100

Nearest to the pins
9th Greg Nicholas  R100
15th Alfred Kasi R100

Longest drive (All Day)

11th Kathy Blumberg

Nearest to Pins (All Day)

    18th Paul Danielz

Two Club (paying out R45): Rob Austin, Hutton Little, Johan de Villiers, Greg Nichollas, Paul Danielz and Alfred Kasi
Lowest gross:
80 - Craig Campbell

You’ve come this far, now get closer

Feel and forgiveness come together
Most cavity back wedges offer added forgiveness by sacrificing feel. Not the CBX 2. It helps you play tricky wedge shots more efficiently and more smoothly.
Got spin?
At the end of a round, take your wedges to the practice green and check your shot dispersion.
Getting closer now feels better
More weight has been moved to the toe, middling the center of gravity while a Gelback TPU insert reduces vibration. The result? Softer feel at impact.
It’s chip-off time
If you want to have more fun around the greens, improving your wedge play is key. Test your chipping skills with us.
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Fix par 3 mistakes

Teeing your ball up on par 3s makes clean impact a bit easier, but go too high and you lose ball speed and land short of the green.
By teeing up too high you increase the chances of striking the ball high up on the club face and losing lots of ball speed.

So even if your club selection is spot on, you would still fall short of the green.

Next time you’re on the range take ten shots with the same club at the same target and note your average distance and dispersion.
Before you tee up at all, think about positioning yourself at a spot on the tee box that gives you the best angle into the green based on your natural shot pattern as well as the conditions.

Better course management
Swing improvement takes time, but good strategy brings immediate results. We’ll help you make better decisions on the golf course that will put you into more scoring positions.
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