Welcome to the team, Brandon!

Hello everyone, my name is Brandon. I recently moved to Cape Town after two years of working at Ruimsig Country Club in Johannesburg under Gavin Drummond. I am currently in my second year of my PGA course and will be a qualified PGA professional after completing my third year. I am looking forward to working with the team in the new shop and forming new relationships with the members of the club.

Brandon du Plessis
Metropolitan Pro Shop
Assistant Manager

Get your juniors into golf


The Metropolitan Cup


Congratuations to Debbie Gibb and Clifford Mijlof for winning the Premier Packaging Metropolitan Cup with 2,275 points!

Captain Ioannis Kritzas and Dimitri Zitianellis came in close second with 2,200 points!
3rd Tony Dunn and Gunnar Hagelberg 4th Richard Felder and Charlie Nunes

The Met Sundowner

The first Met Sundowner of the summer took place on Friday. Prizes and a tasting on the first tee were sponsored by Jameson. Players enjoyed a pizza and Stella Artios included in the cost of R315 after the round!

The next Sundowner will be in the new year! We hope to see you all there

The new deck is now open!

Bring your friends for a Sundowner and enjoy the beautiful view! There is nothing else like it!


Granny Cup

Congratulations to our newest granny, Eileen Farrell!

Eileen participated in her very first Granny Cup on Tuesday and won with 38 points in the Individual Stableford Competition!

Who's been winning?

Monday School Comp
25 November 2019
4-Ball Alliance - 2 x Scores to count
Pos Names Score Voucher

James Mcnab
Johan de Villiers
Arnold Aichinger
Keith Gilmour
87 pts



Jack Rathouse
Nick Fredman
Mike Wolffe
86 pts c/i


Nearest the Pin:
18th Colin Bell Wine

Two clubs R20: Keith Gilmour, Colin Bell

Granny Trophy
Tuesday, 26 November 2019
Individual Stableford
Pos Name Score Voucher
1st  Eileen Farrel  38 R100
2nd Roberta Ewan  37 R80
Individual Stableford
1st Penny Murdock 36 R100
2nd Sue Moubray 35 R80

Nearest to the pin

6th Hole: Eileen Farrel Balls
9th Hole: Trish Weir Balls
Wednesday 27 november 2019
Combined Stableford
Pos Names Score Voucher
1st Spiro bouloukos and Ian Maclarty
73 pts c/i
2nd Trevor Pothecary and John Crawford 73 pts c/o R100
3rd Steve Newlan and Ioannis Kritzas 68 pts c/i R50

Nearest to the pins
18th Hole: Yves Moutier R100

Two club (paying out R60): Ian Maclarty, Dave Gordon, Jarryd Frauenstein, Vicki Morton, and Yves Moutier.
Thursday 28 November 2019

Betterball Medal
Pos Names Score Voucher
1st Tony Lupton, Roy Mccallum 58 nett
2nd Kevin Botha, Vic Allen 59 nett R175
3rd Neville Walker, Paul Klein 62 nett c/i R125
4th Steve Newlan, Luis Rosa 62 nett c/o R75

Nearest to the Pin:

9th Dave Heron R100
15th Hilton Stern R100

Two club paying out R27: Dave Gordon, Jack Schneider, Strati Zitianellis, Mike Liebrecht, Tony Lupton, Bill Cornish, Mike Texeira, Dave Heron, Kevin Botha, Ioannis Kritzas.
Exceptional rounds:
Kevin Botha- 64 nett (84-20)
Cliffy Mijlof- 65 nett (79-14)

Lowest gross:
Craig Smith -71 gross
Saturday Competition
30 November 2019
Betterball medal

Pos Names Score Voucher
1st Jarryd Phillips and Wes Preece 59 R225
2nd S. Uppink and S. Bagg 62 R150
3rd Grant Muller and Robbie Trueman 62 C/O R75

Nearest to the Pin:
9th Lauren van Rensburg R100
15th Jarryd Phillips R100

2 clubs paying out R36: Chris van Rensburg, Jarryd Phillips, Mark Sacks, Dave Jacobs, Ian Norden, Sam Roets.

Premier Packaging
Betterball Medal

Pos Names Score Voucher
 1st  Mario Theodoropoulos and Derek Wille  62  R185
 2nd  Richard Felder and Charlie Nunes  63  R170
 3rd  Cliff Mijlof and Debbie Gibb  64  R160
4th Jannie Kritzas and Demetri Zitianellis 65 C/I R150

Nearest to the pins:
6th Farrel Cohen R100
9th Richard Felder R100

Straightest drive (all day)

5th Colin Bell

Nearest (all day)
18th Steve Moubray

Two club paying out R38: Farrel Cohen, Andrew Norman, Colin Smith, Billy Hughes, Greg Nichollas, Michele Marrai, Steve Moubray, Richard Felder and Gunnar Hagelberg.


Collin gordon
Exceptional rounds:
Farrel Cohen - 66 (8) 74
Mario Theodoropoulos - 64 (15) 79

Lowest gross:

Greg Nichollas - 74
Farrel Cohen - 74


A career in golf


What matters most to you?

Last week we asked if you could answer one question. With the ability to be entirely anonymous. We wanted to know how you viewed your position on a simple continuum. Where do you see yourself on your golfing journey?
At one end there’s space for the person who sees golf totally as a competitive sport, and on the other end there’s those that see it as a social and recreational activity. We’re asking golfers to position themselves. Next month we’ll publish a SUMMARY of how our community of golfers see the game.

If you haven’t already done so
So, if haven’t given a response then please follow the link below. It’s a very short and very private survey – no personal details required – so go on
Answer now >

Think about your golf

The second statistic we want you to collect over 4 rounds, is your average score on Par 3s that are within iron shot range. If you missed last week’s article, and the first statistic click here.

If you’re often under 90 but struggle to get below 85 regularly, then there’s a good chance that becoming consistent on the Par 3s will get you there.
Two 3s and two 4s on your card and you’re doing well. Three 3s and provided your steady elsewhere  then you’re likely to be below 85.

Improvements you can make that pay off on any approach shot:
If we can make sure your rotation and ball striking is led by your large muscles and not your hands, then we can improve your consistency of contact and accuracy of result. There’re a number of consistent club and shot selection errors we see from less experienced or skilled golfers that often cost them a stroke per Par 3. It’s an easy fix. 
“Improving your ball striking consistency, club selection, and shot selection on Par 3s will have a big impact on your approach shot performance on every hole.” 

Book your skills assessment
Get an insight into your game. Discover what you could improve quickly. Let’s plan an improvement journey together.
Contact us >



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