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February is the month of love...

...And we're feeling it in the Pro Shop!

Only on Valentine's Day, 14 February:

- Buy any red cap and get a free ball marker.

- Buy a pair of full priced shoes and receive two sleeves of Srixon's super soft balls for free.

- Buy any white or red items in store and get 10% off on the clothing.

There will also be some other specials in store

It's the perfect time to upgrade your golf apparel

Get 10 % off on any golf shoes

Buy any 2 Rhode Island or Ernie Els shirts and save 20%

Start strong straight off the tee

We did receive same of the new Callaway Epic Flash items, so come and spoil yourself and be a first to own Epic Flash.


Become a master on the greens

Play your best with the best

We will be hosting a Scotty Cameron Putter fitting on the 19th of February and we invite all of you to come and join the event. The event will start at 9h00 on the putting green.

To book a spot, phone the shop and put your name up on this form.

Take advantage of this incredible deal

Buy any Peter Millar shirt or short at full price and get a free panoramic towel 1 - 28 February.


The six foot circle

On all of the Colleton River Plantation Club practice greens we have placed six foot white circles around some of the putting holes. When our students are practicing their short game shots around the greens, our Colleton River Golf Academy Professionals encourage them to try getting their chips and pitches in the six foot circle.

Having a specific target and goal increases the effectiveness of the students practice and if they're not getting their shots in the circle, their chances of one putting are slim.

Feel the thrill

The sweet spot matters
One of the best feelings in golf is when you make contact out of the “hitting zone” with your driver.
It’s an exquisite moment. There’s satisfaction in watching the ball speeding down the fairway.
It’s not easy though. You’re swinging the club with the longest shaft.
The ball might be teed up, but it’s going to be over 40 inches away from where your hands are gripping the club.
It used to be you had to find the sweet spot in a much smaller head. Now the head and face are larger,
and the manufacturers work to extend the hitting zone.
We’re delivering thrills
Our passion is helping you experience the thrill of contact out of the hitting zone.
If you’re looking for more thrills, come and spend 30 minutes with us.
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Beyond our expectation

How does a golf ball deliver it all;
Soft, fast, distance, spin, durability?
Watch the video >

How good could you be?

Talent is overrated
Geoff Colvin, in his theory of “Deliberate Practice”, contends that you can all be so much better at golf,
and much quicker than you imagine, with a better approach to practice.
 This isn’t about beating balls until your hands bleed.
It’s about having a sensible structure that accommodates the commitment you feel you can make.
There are four essential steps according to Colvin’s principals:
A personal plan that starts from your current reality, identifying the areas you can most easily improve, quickly.  Go beyond your comfort zone, practicing shots you are not comfortable with. Choosing to hit shots you can’t execute properly or consistently might not seem like fun, but you need to deliberately push your boundaries.    If you don’t have a lot of time for practice, then limit the new skills you’re trying to develop. You need, through repetition, to sear the new movements required into the brain. You need continual and specific feedback. You need to record your swing in practice, or have a coach present. If the result is bad, you need the diagnosis as a feedback. If the result is good, you need the positive affirmation of the movements that created the result. 
Start your journey. We want to help.
We want to help you on your quest for a better playing experience. Let us start you off with an assessment. Then, involve us in your progress. Let us provide feedback and guidance. Better golf shots, more often, is a great payoff.
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